Creating Slow Motion Videos with the Movavi Video Editor Review

Anyone who has ever watched a Hollywood action blockbuster has undoubtedly seen how the use of slow motion can help accentuate the action taking place on screen and provide a unique focus and perspective. While you may have never dreamed that you could pull off such an effect yourself, it actually is possible – with the right tools.

Using the Movavi Video Editor, you’ll find that creating slowmotion video actually isn’t as complicated as you may have imagined it to be. In fact, it is actually downright easy and can be done with a few simple steps:

  1. Load the video that you want to use into the software by clicking on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and selecting it.
  2. Open up the ‘Tools’ tab and you’ll see a ‘Speed’ slider that you can adjust to slow down your video.
  3. When you’re satisfied with the speed of your video, save it by clicking ‘Export’.

The only other thing that you may have to do when you create slow motion videos in this way is edit the audio track. Because you’re slowing down the video, the audio is going to be slowed down too – which could make it sound funny. If you’d like to fix that all you need to do is mute the audio from the video, and add a new audio track.

Make no mistake, the Movavi Video Editor can do far more than create slow motion videos and in fact that is just one of its many features. Using it you’ll be able to cut and combine segments of video, enhance your video quality, correct common issues with video recordings, apply various other special effects and filters, add audio tracks, insert customizable text, and much more.

Effectively, you will have all the tools you need to create stunning and impressive videos that look as though they were produced professionally. The best part is that each and every one of these tools is designed to be intuitive and easy to use – so you can just jump in and start improving your video you without requiring any prior experience.

Whether you want to create video presentations, travel montages, tutorials or any other type of video – the Movavi Video Editor can act as the one and only tool you need to get them to look exactly the way that you want.

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