Family Journal: Five Days Well Spent

In my FTWM book, I am all about spending quality time with each member of our family of four. Having an active and clingy toddler seldom allows me to bond with my husband and teenager when we are all together, either at home or outdoors. For this very reason, I made it a habit to date my husband and teenager on two separate occasions once or twice a month to make our time together undivided, focused and intimate.

It doesn't happen too often that our one-on-one dates took place in five consecutive days, but this season of love made me all giddy about dating each of my love ones, and my group of friends too!

On the 10th of Feb, hubby and I sneaked in a quick coffee date at Mc Cafe before bedtime. We only planned to get some groceries at the 24-hr supermarket but when the kids declined to tag along, we decided to take to opportunity to "date". It was short but sweet.

11th pf Feb, I went on a date with K after work and let her decide where to eat. The Korean chicken loving girl chose nothing else but Nene Chicken. We have been a patron of this Korean Chicken shop eversince it opened in our neighborhood mall.

Whilst eating, K told me a story about a boy whose father was blind but still watch his basketball games all the time even though he always end up sitting on the bench only. When his father died, the boy finally had the opportunity to play and made his team win. He thought his father can now finally see him from heaven, hence he wanted to make him proud. I went awwww... I really treasure catching up with my teenbaby.

12th of Feb, hubby and I celebrated Valentine's Day at Flutes Restaurant and Bar. We made it a habit to date before the actual VDay to avoid the crowd. A fellow parent blogger commented it's a smart move and I totally agree. We had a very pleasant gastronomic experience and we even kissed in the rain on our way home because it was raining when we finished our romantic dinner. What a memorable night!

13th of Feb, I spent the whole afternoon with my university friends at Amara Hotel tea room. We had high tea whilst chatting the afternoon away.

14th of Feb, Valentine's Day - we brought G at My Gym at Bouna Vista for a trial gym class for his age group. He had so much fun jumping, hopping, crawling and monkeying around the gym. I will do a proper review of the place very soon.

After his gym class, we parked at Vista Mall and had dinner at The Manhattan Fish Market. While waiting for our food to be served, the kids went for a ZooMoov ride around the mall.

What a well spent 5 days indeed! To God be the Glory for always keeping us together - safe, healthy and happy!

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