Fitness Made Fun For Kids: My Gym Review

I have always encourage my kids to stay active for them to stay fit and strong. I bring G to the park to cycle with his big sister almost every day and we also spend some time at the playground to monkey around and make some friends. Most of the time, I try to hit two birds in one stone during our park visits. I also jog pretending to chase them whilst they cycle and when they take a rest from cycling, we park at the public gym to do some light exercises.

That's fitness made fun for kids, outdoors!

Q: What do you do during rainy and hazy days?
A: Find an indoor gym for kids.

You'll find a number of indoor gym for kids in Singapore but TBH we've never been to one so when I was personally invited by Janice to try My Gym @ Buona Vista with G, I said yes right away although Buona Vista is a bit far from our place. Then again, in Singapore nowhere really is considered far because everywhere is conveniently accessible by public or private transportation.

We visited My Gym @ Bouna Vista on Sunday (Valentine's Day) and G joined the Mighty Mites class, a gym class tailored for 4 to 5 year old children. Upon arrival of each child, they were sanitized before entering the gym premises for their class.

ACTIVITY #1 - Introduction
After the kids underwent the usual disinfection process prior to entering the gym premises, they were asked to seat around the red circle to get to know each other. To make their introduction fun, one of the gym teachers went something like this:

"What's the name of the boy in green Mickey Mouse shirt?"

And whoever the kid she is describing must shout his/her name. It turned out quite fun and G got really comfortable joining the group instantaneously, feeling a sense of belongingness.

ACTIVITY #2 - Warm up exercise
When the kids got to know each other by name, the teachers led them to do warm up exercise which includes stretching, bending, hopping, and jumping in the tune of a lively music.

ACTIVITY #3 - Gym cart relay 
This was G's favourite activity during the whole 1-hr gym session. He was so game that he almost toppled down rushing to past the gym cart to the next boy in line because he wants his team to win! They did 2 rounds each relay (one is with two hands holding the gym cart and another one with their tummies resting in the gym cart) and oh boy, G and the kids had so much fun!

ACTIVITY #4 - Homework (Hopping and Tummies in the Middle)
The kids got so hyper during the gym cart relay so the gym teachers got them to take an exercise break and a quick "meeting".

ACTIVITY #5 - Explore Time
I wondered what was the group "meeting" about, it was actually to tell the kids they can go for a free play and exploration. Oh what great fun G had exploring the gym, running around, monkeying at the monkey bar, and jumping at the trampoline (failed to capture as the trampoline was right behind). After their allotted free playtime, they had another "meeting".

ACTIVITY #6 - Gymnastics Station 1 (Long Jump - good for agility)
The kids were separated into two groups and G's group went for the long jump whilst the other group proceeded with the hanging and swinging activity. Obviously, I was clicking away every time it was G's turn so I was able to document his every move.

This long jump teaches the kids perseverance as they try to jump farther than their first try. That square thing on the mat marks where they landed on their first attempt. Look how G exceeded the distance of his first try. Job well done!

ACTIVITY #7 - Gymnastics Station 2 (Swinging Monkey Bar - good for hanging and upper body strength)
This works more like a monkey bar except that the bar is movable. The kids were given a few seconds on the last bar to test their resilience. This activity requires lots of strength hence the constant support from the gym teacher.

ACTIVITY #8 - Manipulative
The kids were given crayons and a piece of paper to colour. Since it was Chinese New Year, they were asked to colour Chinese lanterns. It was a great break from all the physically challenging activities they did prior to it.

ACTIVITY #9 - Ending (Happy Chinese New Year Song)
One of the teachers hid behind a curtain and surprised the kids with a dance number. Can you see how all the kids clap in delight for the fun entertainment presented to them?

ACTIVITY #10 - Meet Mymo, My Gym Mascot
When one of the gym teachers announced there was another surprise waiting for the kids, they tried their best to make a good guess but they totally didn't expect My Gym mascot to appear. See their reactions? Priceless!

And because it's Chinese New Year, kids were given red packets much to their delight. They had to say, Gong Xi, Gong Xi before they could get their hongbao. They capped the gym session with a group hug and a photo op with the mascot. Could there be anymore greater fun than that?

Here's the very satisfied G after his gym class, showing off his hongbao and the Chinese lantern he coloured. I have to commend the gym teachers, Nina, Eileen, Sha and Max for being so passionate and dedicated for what they do. Their love for their job is very evident. During the entire session, it looks like they are enjoying themselves as much as the kids do.

Wish to know what are the benefits of My Gym core activities that the kids at Mighty Mites age group exposed to?

1) MUSIC AND MOVEMENT - nourishes the brain while affecting all areas of development. Strengthen motor skills, encourages movements, appreciation of rhythms and language development. Helps to develop critical listening skills, and provide opportunities to practise social skills.

2) ADVENTURE - encourages movement and stimulates senses. Most of the time, it also involves imagination.

3) GYMNASTIC SKILLS (hanging, tumbling, balancing and agility) - it's fun development through fun activities. Children's only motivation is FUN. They learn without knowing or being forced to the activity. Gymnastics provide strong foundation for the child's mental foundation (cognitive development). It builds focus and concentration, and enhances strength and flexibility. Most importantly, it helps to instil self-confidence and esteem in children.

4) SWINGS - Eliminates fear of height. It provides a sensory imagination and a better sense of balancing for children. 

5) SEPARATION - Eliminates separation anxiety and develops social interaction. Children learn to play with their peers.

6) GAME - develops listening and social skills. Enhances speed and agility. Improves team work and sense of belongingness. 

In addition to structured games and pre-gymnastics, the Mighty Mites learn beginners sports skills, gain fine and gross motor proficiency, and strengthen manipulative skills. The development of social skills is also emphasize.
About My Gym:
  • Established in 1983
  • More than 300 locations worldwide
  • Award-Winning Class Programs for children 6 weeks to 13 years old
  • Gymnastics, music, dance, sp[orts, games, special rides and more
  • Extensively trained instructors
  • Industry's best student-to-teacher ratio
  • Your child plays the starring role in the Best Birthday Party in town!Fantastic Camps and Fun-Filled Programs throughout the year

My Gym @ Bouna Vista (click here to see other outlets)
35 Rochester Drive
Rochester Mall #03-24/25/26
Singapore 138639
Tel: 6684 9220

Disclaimer: We were invited for a trial gym class in exchange of this review. No other monetary compensation was received and all opinions are based on our first hand experience. 


  1. Looks like the kids had a great time :)

    1. They all did, G in particular had the most fun as it was his first time joining the gym class.

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