Romantic Valentine Dinner at Flutes Restaurant

Hubby and I made a habit to have our V-date before the actual St. Valentine's Day to avoid the crowd. In 2014, we had a relatively romantic dinner at PS Cafe. Last year though, our dinner date was a total disappointment as the Japanese Restaurant I booked turned out to be very unpleasant overall (the food, the service and the ambience were all two thumbs down). I didn't give a single hint in my social media accounts because it wasn't my cup of tea to shame a business. 

So this year, I made sure we get to dine in another romantic place. I booked Flutes via Chope and wasn't surprised anymore at the excellent food, service and ambience because I have been there once for an event.
The hubby was impressed the moment we walked in. The place exudes romantic ambience and the interior is worth raving about.

We were the first diners to arrive around 6:30pm (came straight from work) and we're escorted to a table next to a reserved table with a gorgeous bouquet of roses waiting for its recipient. I loved the view from where I sat. Such an eye candy! We were handed the menu and hubby was in good mood so he chose The Chef's Table set menu instead of ordering a la carte.

We didn't wait long and the first Amuse Bouche, (appetizer) Freshly Shucked Oyster with lemon and kiwi juice was served atop shaved ice. Upon having a taste of it, we knew we were in for a one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience.

We were served this bread next (totally forgotten its proper name). It came with an olive oil dip and it is actually eat-all-you-can.

The most photogenic appetizer came after the bread. This is called Fremantle Octopus Terrine (Iberico de Bellota with Saffron Potato, Tomato and Smoked Almond). I didn't dare eat it at first as it was too pretty to be devoured. LOL

What was served next was THE BOMB! In layman's term, it's Seared Atlantic Scallop with Kohlrabi, King Brown Mushroom and Crispy Chicken Skin. It isn't as photogenic as the Fremantle Octopus Terrine but oh boy, it was sooooo good you can start forgetting your name once you sink your teeth on the scallop! I am not kidding! It's the melt in your mouth kind of food (juicy, tasty and just heavenly!) and the hubby agreed with me.

Pardon my messy, wavy hair, I already warned you beforehand that hubby and I both came straight from work. That's us halfway enjoying our heavenly scallop!

After the pure heaven kind of feeling eating the scallop, I told the hubby this sorbet was intentionally served before our mains because it's meant to "wash" our palate before another "heavenly" food is served.

Guess what? I wasn't mistaken! Both mine (Cape Grim Beef Tenderloin with braised shortrib, heirloom carrot and charred shallot) and hubby's (Pan Roasted Fillet of Barramundi with mashed potato, heirloom tomato, rocket and olive puree ) chosen main were heavenly, almost out of this world (maybe because we seldom eat really nice food, LOL).

The sweet ending to our awesomest gastronomic indulgence is this Passionfruit Tart with lemon verbena, coconut and candied pineapple.

FYI for wine lovers, Flutes has a wide variety of wine collection for you to choose from. This photo also shows that there's a table setting meant for a larger group of diners.

Flutes Restaurant & Bar
93 Stamford Road
The National Museum
Singapore 178897
Tel no: 6338 8770

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  1. excellent review, amazing couple- happy Hearts' Month twinzypotsy! :)