Unique Ideas to Spice Up Your Date Nights and Weekends

I think many couples realise the importance of time spent together. Especially when you have children. It’s so easy to forget one another and just be a mother or father. Spending time with my husband is special to me. We always try and make an effort during Valentine’s Day with special meals out. But what about the rest of the year?

It shouldn’t take a date in the diary to remember to show the person you care about just how much you love them. Dating, as an established couple, has become a trend recently in the form of “date night” and weekends away. I for one agree with the benefits of having one and one couple time.

But just having the same meal out week after week, month after month could become repetitive. I thought I’d share some alternative ideas for your date nights and weekends away.


Go to the cinema
Who says an evening out has to be a meal and drinks? Why not go and see a film together and enjoy some popcorn and sweet treats. Being parents, you many not get many opportunities to watch something a little more grown up.


Exciting weekends away
Why not explore a new city for the weekend or experience something a little different. I have spotted a great Valentine’s day competition that would be exciting. You may want to enjoy a little luxury together or fine dining. Whatever takes your fancy get something booked in to look forward to.

A date with an adventurous twist
Imagine going on a date that sparks your imagination without any effort. Going on a date that is an alternative to your usual activities could be a real conversation starter.. You could go rock climbing, or have a mini backpack adventure for a weekend. The world is your oyster start trying new things together.


Get sporty
They say a couple who plays sport together stays together. Or maybe they don’t say that, but still a sporty, competitive date could be a lot of fun. You could play a tennis match or a round of golf. Why not take it in turns to pick each time.

Enjoy a musical concert or festival
Music is the language of love. Alright, I may have made that bit up but a music inspired theme could be a real interesting date. You might want to introduce your partner to a type of music you enjoy. Or perhaps you have a favourite band you both enjoy. If you do your research you could find some great concerts you may not have heard were available.

Start a new hobby together
You could utilise your couple time together by learning something new. There might be an art class you have been wanted to try, or maybe you wish to learn to ballroom dance. If you already have the time set aside for each other anyway, then it could be a fantastic thing to do together.

I hope I have inspired you to make the most of your couple time together.

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