10 Things Your Child Will Benefit from Visiting Kaboodle Kids

Among all the learning toys we have acquired for G through the years, his most favourite were the ones that let him build all sorts of things on his own. Ever-since I noticed that he enjoys "building", I invested on wooden blocks, Lego sets and other toys that he can build, "demolish" and rebuild. If you are a parent like me, you should know how impressive kids' imagination is. They can create a plethora of things you wouldn't possibly thought of creating even in your dreams!

When I learned about Kaboodle Kids, I knew I had to bring G there sooner or later. Remember our visit at Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park almost 3 years ago? G enjoyed Bob the Builder the most at The Little Big Club. His love for building things is very evident ever since he turned into a toddler. Even when we last visited Port of Lost Wonder, we had a hard time convincing him to call it a day because he is having fun building with the big blue block sets.

Kaboodle Kids have the same big blue block sets but it's 6 times more of the set they have at Port of Lost Wonder! G's eyes instantaneously widened and sparkled the moment we stepped in Kaboodle Kids premises. He spent more than 2 hours building forts, robots, tunnels, ball slides, and many other things with K and his new friends and asked for another couple of minutes extension when I declared it's time to leave. It has been a week since we visited and he has been begging me to bring him back there! That speaks volumes on how he tremendously enjoyed his time at Kaboodle Kids!

Here are 10 things your child will benefit from visiting Kaboodle Kids:

Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce something. In G's case, he worked with the very accommodating Kaboodle Kids crew and his big sister K to create his dream ball slide. At home, G have a mini-ball slide toy which he could assemble and re-assemble depending on where he wishes the tiny balls to fall. Kaboodle Kids' big blue blocks came with chutes, arch chutes, channel bends, and channel straights that can be used to build a giant version of the ball slide. He had great fun collaborating and building!

Once they completed the giant ball slide and the crew left them alone for a free play, the kids went on to add tunnels and little "architectural" details to make it more fun to play with and more pleasing to look at. The end result was very impressive! They even added a basket to catch the balls at the end of the chute. I may be biased with my kids but who cares, I love to call it creativity at its finest!

These days, G is becoming more and more expressive. He has learned to communicate his thoughts and feelings without being overly shy like he used to be during his early toddler-hood. In this photo, he is talking to his new friend. I overheard him asking his new friend's name and age, after which they went on to play and build things happily together.

Strongly related to #1 and #3, your kids' ability to interact with other children will be sharpened at Kaboodle Kids. There was a time when G requested us to leave the playground because there are too many children. At Kaboodle Kids, your child is encouraged to get along well with other children so they could play harmoniously and/or create things together.

While we were at Kaboodle Kids, I discovered that my children have a secret hand-shake which they demonstrated during their bonding time inside their blockhouse. K and G's age gap is considered quite big so I always make an effort to "glue" them together for a much-needed sibling bonding time. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see snippets of what they do during their bonding time which includes but not limited to nature therapy, reading time and lots of play time. These pockets of bonding time enable them to feel relaxed, hence the occurrence of a grouchy little brother and pissed-off big sister are greatly decreased.

Here's G pouring out his great love for his big sister, K. Haha! He was too happy with the blockhouse that they built and decided to have a celebration in the form of pouring balls (I guess it's synonymous to adults popping a champagne to celebrate? LOL).

Kaboodle Kids' big blue blocks came with holes that kids can use to connect one block to another and create something interesting. It enables the kids to plan which block is supposed to be connected to another block to come up with a solid foundation, just like how real-life engineers plan before building and solve structural problems along the way.

Planning and problem solving lead the kids to focus on their "job". They may encounter many problems and failures along the way but since they are very determined to build and create things, it's a win-win scenario. Case in point; if you notice the photo above, G needs a support for the straight chute that he wanted to add on the giant ball slide. After the photo was taken, he put down the chute and took more blocks below to support it before connecting it back.

That feeling of successful achievement of a task and reaping the fruit of your toils. It's capital and rainbow coloured A.W.E.S.O.M.E! No other words needed.

All sorts of active and free play are important for young children's development. With all the play balls, gears, plugs, hinges, nickles, chutes, long noodles, and basic rectangular and square blocks with holes provided by Kaboodle Kids, your child is guaranteed to sharpen both his fine and gross motor skills before leaving its premises.

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About Kaboodle Kids:Kaboodle Kids provide the place where children and the young at heart go wild through imaginative play! During creative play, the elements of designing, brainstorming, experimenting and risk taking are imbued in their creations. They facilitate this process by creating fun engaging times with you and your children to make learning fun.
Based on David Rockwell's popular concept of "Imagination Playground", children use calming blue foam blocks to create something with little or no guidance. Playing with blocks on a larger scale inspires children to play together in groups, developing cognitive and social skills.
Kaboodle Kids also offers venue rental, Imagination Playground blocks rental and themed parties. For complete information, visit www.kaboodlekids.com.sg.
Address: 902 East Coast Parkway, Block B #02-05B Singapore 449874
Contact No: 6247 7020
Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm (Please call or check their What's Up page for closure dates before coming.)
Admission Fees: $25 (non-member/3y/o and above) for unlimited play on weekdays/2 hrs on weekends and public holidays
Disclaimer: We were sponsored for an unlimited playtime at Kaboodle Kids, all opinions are based on our own experience.

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