Expressions Wellness' Detox Kit & Body System Treatment Review

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According to my height, my ideal weight is 57kg. I was able to maintain that weight when I was still single. Nevertheless, like most mothers, I struggled getting back my pre-pregnancy weight after childbirth. It sounds cliche but the struggle is real.

Roughly six months after G was born (January 2011) until November of last year, my weight zigzagged from 58kg to 60kg. Whenever I hit the dreaded 6-0, I start panicking and deprive myself from my guilty pleasures a.k.a. icecream, cakes, bubble milk tea, potato chips, and whatever floats in my junk food boat.

It was totally another story when I went back to the Philippines for a 3 week-long vacation last December. During the entire 3 weeks, I over-indulged myself on all the sinful, fat-laden Filipino food and refused to step at the weighing scale. YOLO, I tried to convince myself.

I went back to Singapore with tight jeans and bulging tummy to the point that I was mistaken being pregnant while on board the train. Somebody offered me the reserved seat to my horror and embarrassment. But just when I finally decided to face reality that it's high time to burn those fats, Chinese New Year came and oh boy those CNY goodies are damn hard to resist!

I over-indulged again and this time around it's bakkwa, pineapple tarts and what-nots. I laid my case as hopeless and just when I thought I could live with 60+kg weight, Expressions Wellness was sent by heaven to help me get rid of my stubborn fats.


I visited Expressions International, Orchard branch a day after Valentine's day. Prior to the visit, I did not dare step to the weighing scale we have at home. Based on how heavy I feel, I only know that I have passed the 60kg mark since December which never ever happened before except when I was pregnant and during my first 6 months post-partum.

After filling up my particulars and answering the health questionnaire form, Chloe's assistant helped me take my Body Mass Index using an Omron machine. When I stepped on the machine, reality hit hard right on my face. Goodness gracious!!! I weighed 62.1kg???!!!

Initially, I wanted to cry out loud right then and there. Fortunately, Chloe (Expressions Orchard's very soft-spoken and demure consultant) pacified me and made me see a glimpse of hope so I started smiling while she explains to me the benefits of 3-day detoxification.

If you are curious to know, here are my figures pre-detox:

Weight: 62.1kg
BMI: 23.5
Body Fat: 34.3%
Muscle Fat: 27.7%
VFA Level: 5
Rm Keal: 1313
Body Age: 38

The promise of brighter days ahead! The all-natural Expressions SlimJuice sachets + Wheat Bran & Psyllium capsules.

SlimJuice benefits:
  • burns and eliminates fats
  • drains impurities
  • slim down
  • curb hunger
  • prevent tiredness
Wheat Bran & Psyllium benefits:
  • made up of 100% natural herb, suitable for vegans
  • accelerates body's food processing while installing important vitamins, mineral and other nutrients
  • lowers cholesterol level
  • cleanse intestinal tract

Chloe's instructions are as follows:
  • Take 8 capsules of Wheat Bran & Psyllium capsules (AM and PM) before meal
  • Drink lots of water to avoid constipation
  • Half an hour to 1 hour later, drink 1 sachet of SlimJuice
  • Eat fruits (eg. apple, pear, plum, kiwi, guava, dragonfruit) for snacks
  • Eat soup-based food for lunch
  • Eat vegetable salad or steamed fish for dinner
  • Cannot eat anything after 7pm
To my surprise, I was actually allowed to eat during my 3-day detox albeit healthier options (preferably fruits and vegetables). Strictly no red meat, refined sugar, white four, fried food, processed food, saturated fats, egg yolk, alcoholic and carbonated drinks.

Here's a sample of what I ate during my 3-day detox:

For breakfast, I strictly followed Chloe's instruction to take 8 capsules of Wheat Bran & Psyllium and half an hour later, I drank 1 sachet of SlimJuice dissolved in 1 glass of water with a drizzle of lemon juice. I went to work with 1 dragonfruit which I ate sparingly for breakfast slash snacks. 

Came lunchtime, I had these vegetables cooked with soup. Chloe told me I can still eat bee hoon but I opted to skip it along with rice. Surprisingly, the Yong Tau Foo vegetable soup kept me full the entire afternoon.

As instructed, I also drank lots of water in between. Two hours before dinner, I took 8 capsules of Wheat Bran & Psyllium and a glass of SlimJuice (after half an hour).

I reach home around 6:30pm so I had time to quickly prepare and eat salad for dinner. No food after that, just plain water and lemon water.

Here's what I noticed while I was in the process of detoxification: (WARNING: You are about to read TMI below, please don't gag!)
  • frequent burping
  • frequent farting 
  • frequent urinating
  • pass motion regularly (twice to thrice a day on other days)
I can't say I passed the 3-day detox with flying colours because on the third day, I ate vegetable soup with generous portion of Cantonese egg noodles. I also ate bananas which are rich in carbohydrates. When I went to see Chloe at dinnertime on day 3, my pre-detox figures didn't changed much. I thought it was a total fail until Chloe explained to me that the 3-day detox effect to me was more on my body wellness (toxins were eliminated from my body which explains the frequent burping/farting/urinating) plus my fluid retention (I drank 2 litres of water a day) is very evident.

I told Chloe that I am really determined to lose weight so she suggested that I do another round of 3-day detox which I did willingly after resting for the weekend and this time around, I was more disciplined. I didn't just stick to fruits and vegetables, I also exercised and abstained from any form of carbohydrates.

To achieve an ideal result (my fluid retention is high, remember?), Chloe gave me a bonus one session of Body System Treatment after my second round of 3-day detox.

Body System Treatment primary effect:
  • reduction of fat mass
  • increase basal metabolism
It is an ideal solution to reduce excess weight, fat, cellulite, slack skin and fluid retention.

How it works: 
A muscle firming and metabolic activator, it is used to burn fat and increase metabolism without side effects. When positioned in contact on the skin, the infrared rays penetrate deeply in a unidirectional way, without any dispersion. The rays penetrate deeply, and facilitate heat transmission to the tissues, producing a thermal action that stimulates the discharging of fat and increase metabolism. 

Oxygenation and microcirculation are also greatly enhanced. The directional waves induce the bundle of muscles to do isotonic movements with a pumping effect, thus enhancing the energetic consumption and the elimination of the fluids in excess in the area. The pumping effect of the movement helps to discharge fluids giving a purifying effect. The induced directional waves eliminate the Adipose layers, resulting in the firming of the muscles without any efforts from the client. 

One session of the therapy is equivalent to 300 sit-ups and a weight loss of up to 1.5kg can be expected.

End result after my second round of 3-day detox + 1 Body System Treatment?

Weight: 58.7kg
BMI: 22.4
Body Fat: 33%
Muscle Fat: 26%
VFA Level: 3
Rm Keal: 1284
Body Age: 35

I am only 1.7kg away from my ideal weight now and I am 3 years younger than my actual age! I almost hug and kissed Chloe upon seeing the figures! Haha! What a massive success! Chloe patted my back and said I did a great job. I felt like a child when she blurted, good girl! Hahahahaha! Needless to say I went home happy and healthy!

Thank you Expressions Wellness for your effective products and treatment. I won't promise but I will do my best to maintain my current weight. In fact, I am now inspired to achieve my 57kg ideal weight. Wish me luck! :)

Have you always wanted to lose weight? The detoxification doesn't just help you do so, it is also good for your body wellness in general. After all the feasting you did last CNY, it's high time for you to detox! Use the discount code GIVEME10 to be entitled to 10% discount on all Expressions' products sold online or you may opt to visit Expressions at the following branches:
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#01-02 Regency House
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Tel no: 62359890
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10:00am - 5:30pm Sat-Sun
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Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was given in exchange of this review. All opinions are based on my personal experience.  


  1. Congratulations!!! i see at least after 3 days of detoxification, you can finally see a down result of your weight. that's just the beginning of your happy dance.

    1. Correct! Gonna do happy dance more when I achieve my ideal weight. ;)

  2. That's so awesome. I've never heard of a treatment like this before. Good to know we have options like this for weight loss.

    1. Me too! The Body System Treatment is quite new to me. Oh the benefits of modern technology!

  3. Congratulations, it is such an extraordinary feat to have the discipline to decrease weight.

    1. Yep, it takes a lot of discipline and determination to lose weight.

  4. I am not trying to lose weight but certainly keeping/maintaining my weight by being active. This is my first time hearing about this kind of treatment.