Highlights of Our First Disney On Ice Experience

Imagine yourself watching the most memorable scenes of your favourite Disney movies LIVE! That's exactly what it felt like watching Disney On Ice, Magical Ice Festival. The only difference is, your most-loved Disney characters were played by professional figure skaters who, throughout the whole show, will repeatedly either let you pick up your jaw from the floor or keep your hands involuntarily clapping out of being tremendously impressed.

We watched the show yesterday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium and we were all greatly entertained. Our eyes were glued at the Ice Rink the entire time (except for G who got bored on some parts that are unfamiliar to him like Beauty and the Beast) and we even found ourselves singing and dancing along with the oh-so-familiar songs from our favourite Disney movies particularly The Little Mermaid's Under the Sea and Frozen's In Summer.

To my relatively old soul but forever-young heart, those were my two favourite parts of the show. I found myself feeling like a child again mumbling whatever lyrics I could remember and swaying alongside my teenager and toddler so happily and carefree! If there is one thing Walt Disney is good at, it's keeping adults young at heart!

I asked K and G what are the highlights of the show for them and here's what they both answered: EVERYTHING!

1) The special appearance of Mickey Mouse and friends
Mickey Mouse is a huge part of G's first year and Minnie Mouse used to be K's favourite cartoon character. Imagine their delight having Mickey and Minnie host the show alongside with Goofy and Pluto. Watching them at the start and finale of the show brought us back to the indelible memories we made in HongKong Disneyland almost 4 years ago where G got a kiss from Mickey Mouse during our photo opp with the dynamic duo. 

2) The Little Mermaid
Can you spot Ariel in the first photo above? She's up there upside down, right below the giant snowflake. Second photo highlights her in white reflection splitting upside down. Third and fourth photo showcase her ice skating stunts. The kids and I couldn't stop giving her a round of applause throughout her breathtaking performance. 

Personally, my favourite part of The Little Mermaid is Under the Sea. It was quite a challenge capturing the figure skaters dance and skate to the tune of the happy song but it has got to be the most impressive segment of the entire show (visually) for me. The costume, lighting effects and the props (there were floating luminous jelly fish, stingrays and other sea creatures in the air) are hands-down the best. G had so much fun spotting sea horse, starfish and when the humongous black octopus (a.k.a Ursula, The Sea Witch according to K) came out, he got scared initially but immediately retracted and said, "I also like her, mama. I am not scared."

3) Tangled 
K's most watched Disney film next to Frozen is Tangled. Watching her favourite scenes from the movie live at the skating rink made her giddy. The part where Rapunzel hits Flynn with a pan on the head never fails to make her laugh out loud. I don't know about you but what's more amusing to me is seeing my teenager re-live her childhood memories. Kiddin' aside, I loved the wishing lanterns afloat! It made the whole Tangled setting feels oh-so-real!

4) Beauty and the Beast
This is the least I enjoyed because I have never really sat down to watch the movie the way I did with The Little Mermaid, Tangled and Frozen. K on the other hand loved it, she even shed a tear when the beast "died" only to find out it will turn into a handsome man thereafter. Today, K asked me to watch the movie on Blu Ray and I can now appreciate how all the characters came to life with the most elaborate costumes, backdrop and pyrotechnic effects.

5) Frozen
They saved the best for last! Frozen is undoubtedly still the most favourite Disney animated feature film of all time. So many girls, big and small came to watch Disney on Ice wearing either Elsa or Anna's gown replica and when the Frozen segment came, the kids' frantically waved to the Royal sisters to which both figure skaters playing their characters generously returned waves and air kisses. Needless to say everyone sang, "Let it Go, Let it Gooooo!" when Elsa ultimately and bravely let it go. I do think that it will take some time for the Frozen avid fans to let go of their craze. The best-selling souvenir from the show has got to be the royal sisters doll and Olaf, of course!

Next to Elsa and Anna, Olaf has got to be the kids' most-loved character in Frozen. When he appeared behind the curtains, everyone screamed Olaaaaf!!! I said everyone because it didn't exclude me. Haha! I extremely enjoyed his "In Summer" rendition as much as K and G and the rest of the children inside the stadium did. It was personally my second favourite segment next to Under the Sea.

Overall, our first Disney on Ice experience was splendid. The kids and us, young-at-heart parents were greatly impressed on the entire production. We were seated at the front row of VIP section 120 (left hand side of the ice rink) but there were two rows of VVIP seated in front of us (they sat on foldable chairs) so some heads and phones/cameras are blocking our view as seen on some of the photos hubby and I took. I cropped the rest of the photos that made it appear like we have unblocked view.

Date: 11-20 March 2016
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Duration: Approximately 2 hours including 15 minutes interval
Tickets available at Sports Hub Tix from S$25-$200
Show Times: 17 and 18 March - 7pm; 19 March - 11am, 3pm and 7pm; 20 March - 11am, 3pm
ABOUT DISNEY ON ICE:Disney on Ice is a series of touring ice shows produced by Feld Entertainment under agreement with The Walt Disney Company. Aimed primarily at children, the shows feature figure skaters dressed as Disney cartoon characters in performances that each derived their music and plot from elements collected from various Disney films and properties; the "stars" of the show are credited as the Disney character themselves, performing their parts in mock cameos, while the skaters performing remain anonymous. ~ source
Disclaimer: We were sponsored with VIP tickets for the show. All opinions are based from our personal experience and all photos used in this post are property of Sweet Memoirs.

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