The Most Exciting Places To Work While You Are At University!

Being at university is great. You are meeting new people and making friends for life. Your degree will help you to gain skills which you will use during your career. A degree is very expensive, and although you are making an investment in your future, you will spend your lifetime paying back the costs. The living costs will also set you back a lot, and it’s hard to rely on the bank of mum and dad. If you want actually to go out and enjoy yourself while studying for your degree, it might be a good idea to get a job. Here are some exciting roles which you might enjoy doing during your degree.

At a cinema

Working in a cinema can be ideal for students who are looking for a part time role which will fit nicely around your degree. It’s a very fun role where you will be working with a lot of young people that are a similar age to you. Roles can include stand assistant, cashier or usher. As films are on all through the day, you can do a short shift in the evening. You can also work weekend shifts to fit around your degree. Most cinemas will give you tickets for free if you work there, so you can enjoy a film on the house!

At a retailer

You could choose to work at a retailer during your degree. The hours are flexible so that you can fit the work around your classes. It’s one of the most popular jobs with students, and you can get short contracts such as 8 or 10 hours. It will be a good experience to put down on your CV.

At a fast food restaurant

A fast food restaurant is an exciting place to work during your degree. There are a lot of young people working there so it will be fun for you. You might make some new friends while you are there. The shifts can be flexible as the restaurants are open till late, so you can fit it around your classes. Take a look on for the latest fast-food restaurant jobs.

At a stadium

Take a look at local stadiums near your university for a fun role to fit around your degree. The atmosphere will be incredible, and you could take on roles such as serving the food or taking the tickets at the entrance. Games and concerts are usually on during evenings and weekends, so they are ideal to fit round your degree.

At a bar

Working at a student bar is a popular choice for a student at a university. There are so many pubs about in a university campus. You may even work alongside your friends. The bars are open in the evenings, so the job can fit perfectly around your degree. And you can party with your mates once you have finished your shift.

As it says in this article, students who work gain better grades than those who don’t work at all. Therefore, earn some cash today.

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