4 Non-Essential But Very Important Furnishings You Should Move Out With

So you’re moving out of home for the first time. You and your roommates have got a house, and you’ve spent just about all your money on the essential furnishings. You’ve got a fridge, you’ve all got beds with headboards, and you managed to scrape your cash together for a singular couch and some pots and pans. Now that you’ll be able to live at a really base level, what should you be looking at investing in next? Here are 4 items that you should consider high (but not the highest) priority - not as important as a mattress, but much more important than decorating with rugs online.

1. A Microwave

Whilst you CAN survive without a microwave, it’s really just an unnecessary hell to put yourself through. Cooking things on a stove usually results in better quality meals, but sometimes you just don’t have the time. If you’ve bought all the absolute essentials and have a hundred or so dollars to spare, a microwave should definitely be your next purchase. Living off ready meals isn’t great for your health, but it sometimes just happens. Also leftovers. And defrosting things. And steaming things. Wait, IS it possible to live without a microwave?

2. A Full Length Mirror

The bathroom roster in the morning can be absolute hell for those living in houses with more people than bathrooms. Showering is one thing, but then the getting dressed, drying hair, application of make up, the list goes on. The whole routine can take over an hour for some particularly dedicated people! Besides actually getting clean though, all these activities have one thing in common - they don’t strictly need to take place in the bathroom. The all mighty bathroom mirror is usually what holds the power in the morning routine situation, so do your roommate's a solid and invest in a large mirror for your bedroom. Not only will you get more time to get ready because you’re not getting rushed out of the bathroom, but it just makes every day life easier when you’ve got more than one mirror in the house (especially on a Saturday night!).

3. A Television

The good old TV may seem like it should be on the essentials list, but in this day and age it’s becoming less and less a necessity. Who even needs one when you can download every season of every show onto your laptop? However, as said by the “Friends” great Joey Tribbiani, “You don’t own a TV? What’s all your furniture pointed at?”.
Basically, a TV is the perfect central gathering point for a lounge room. You can host a movie night, play console games, and watch live sports. A television is really handy social tool, so even if you watch all your shows on your MacBook, it’s still worthwhile getting one. A matching TV unit is also another item people forget to take and find themselves in trouble when moving the TV. It is imperative that you take a TV cabinet with you otherwise you won’t have a place to put your TV and it will end up on the floor.

4. Outdoor Furniture

This may not be applicable to apartments without a balcony, but most homes have a least one outdoor area, even if it’s really small. Outdoor furniture can also seem really low on the priority list, as you don’t even really need to use your backyard, but an afternoon spent lazing in the sun or sitting out on a balcony can do wonders for the soul. Cheap furniture Make the most of whatever patches of fresh air you have! Sure, you could just move indoor furniture outdoors when needed, but how much hassle is that?Cheap furniture for your backyard is not that difficult to come across if you search hard. Even if it’s just two waterproof beanbags, even if it’s a hammock hung between 2 trees, even if it’s a chair from hard rubbish, investing in cheap furniture something that enables you to enjoy the area outside your backdoor is a really easy way to improve your living experience.

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