5 Main Reasons Why You Are Being Unfollowed on Instagram

Confession: I am a serial Instagram unfollower. Before you head straight to my Instagram account to block or unfollow me, hear me out. IT'S NOTHING PERSONAL and here are four reasons why you shouldn't get upset. I respect other people's personal choice so I hope you respect mine too. Here you go!

5 Reasons Why I Unfollowed Your Instagram Account:

There, I've finally admitted. I am an Instagram addict and I wish to cut down the time I spend browsing profiles on my IG feed. The logic is very simple. The more I see on my feed, the more time I spend on Instagram. So if you are a famous travel, food or lifestyle blogger I have unfollowed recently during my weekly "IG clean up drive", it's mainly because I am trying my best to reduce the time I spend browsing my IG feed.

If you are someone I have been following and I spend time liking and commenting on your posts and you never even bothered to acknowledge me EVEN ONCE by either liking back my posts or replying on my comments, you are doomed to be unfollowed by me. I may really love all the things you posts but I just can't take being a GHOST to you anymore, unless you are one kick-ass and inspiring Instagrammer.

I do spam too at times, but I don't spam like Every. Single. Day. If you do, I am so sorry but I just have to press that dreadful unfollow button. Seeing too many posts from the same Instagrammer, like 10-20 quotations at a time, is just too overwhelming for me.

Do you know that the very reason why Instagram was well-loved by users like yours truly much more than Facebook is because Instagram is supposed to be drama-free? So yeah, when you feel like ranting, go talk to your most reliable friend instead of broadcasting it on any social media platform, most especially on Instagram.

I sometimes wonder why I don't see a single post from those I follow so I go the extra mile to check how they are doing, only to find out that they have stopped using Instagram for a couple of weeks/months and/or they post only when they need to regram a contest or giveaway. I am all about interaction on Instagram so if you are inactive, there's no point for me to continue following you.

Having revealed all my personal reasons for unfollowing you, I have another confession to make:

I have unfollowed a few Instagram users I've known from the blogosphere and regretted doing so. That was the time when I unfollow every single IG user who doesn't follow me back. I know right?! Silly, silly me! I will have to thicken the skin on my face a bit more and draw extra courage to follow them back again. In the meantime, I will just stalk them and like their posts as if nobody is watching! *insert googly eyes here*

Nowadays, I don't really do follow for follow on Instagram anymore like I used to. I am more keen on returning likes for likes. What is the point of following me when don't even "like" (metaphorically and literally) any of my posts? Care to share your two cents?

Follow @sweetmemoirs on Instagram if you'd love to interact with me! If you don't feel like following, I do return hearts for every heart! 

WARNING: I chose my most liked photo on IG. I am not very popular. :D


  1. Instagram is one of those interactions where not only do i need internet action, but must have my IPad with me...no i do not have a smart phone, so my postings are sporadic at best, but you have stuck with me and so i thank you

  2. If you ask me between followers or likes/comments, I will choose the latter too...because the followers can be bought but not engagement and real comments by real people who really love to see what you post! :)