All Things Wonderful: BlogMeetSG Travel Edition

It's been a while since we last went for a beach trip, one of our favouritest thing to do as a family. In fact, I don't even have to say that out loud as everything is just so evident in my deeply tanned skin and beach spams over at my Instagram feed. Can you blame me for getting overly excited right after Lucy of Lullabelle Lifestyle emailed me an invitation to attend her #BlogMeetSG Tavel Edition? I've proven time and again that the best opportunities knock at a perfect time.

Please allow me to digress a bit before I tell you about my first Blog Meet SG experience. Our last beach getaway was at Nirwana Beach Resort where I got to channel the inner beach goddess in me on a very special day, my birthday no less. It felt liberating, considering I was having a challenging time at work at that time and the very reason why I booked the trip was because I was dying to unwind.

I may have been a mermaid in my past life that I have this close affinity to bodies of calming blue waters. Even though I can't swim to save my own life, stepping onto the beach shores barefooted, leaving footprints in the sand, flirting with the waves and inhaling the cool sea breeze all at the same time is more than enough reason for me to feel like I am in a piece of heaven on earth and breathe a sigh of relief and contentment.

Ahhh, precious memories!

So there, I am done digressing so let's get to the main topic that is oh so close to my heart: TRAVEL!

If I happened to be filthy rich, I think you'll never see me again because I will definitely be all over the place, or the world rather, to feed my inner wanderlust. Speaking of wanderlust, I mentioned before that the next destination on my travel bucketlist is Bali and attending the Blog Meet SG got me wanderlustin' and Bali dreamin' in full glory!

Here are the amazing sponsors of the event, the brands you should check out before booking your next beach getaway:


August Society, conveniently located at the very popular and colourful street in Singapore called Haji Lane, was our gracious host during the event. We got the chance to view their nicely designed and beachilicious (Disclaimer: No such word, but it exists in my own dictionary. LOL) range of swimwear products and oh boy, they got me wishing I have a beach bod that can fit perfectly in their two piece collection.

I was particularly lusting in the tropical themed two piece as seen on the flatlay above but my realistic conscience whispered me ever so gently, "stop dreaming and go for the one piece to save your face", LOL. Yes, they have one piece collection and long-sleeved rash guard too, perfect for a non-sexy mommy like me and my wholesome teenager.

My top picks from August Society collection are:

Each piece is designed by Toni Chan herself, the founder and creative director of August Society whom I got to meet in person. Having been educated in Europe, Toni narrated how her "baby's" name originated from her European friends who take the month of August off to travel, spend time with loved ones and recharge for the year ahead.

Beach lovers rejoice! August Society extended their anniversary sale so you can still get anything at 20% off until 2nd of May 2016. All you need to do is key in the promo code ASBDAY01 when you check out.

Photo credit: Lost Guides
Authored by Anna Chittenden, the "Brit Abroad" who moved from London to Singapore in 2014. Anna's Lost Guides are all about discovering special places around the world that are not commonly seen in the usual travel guides. "Lost Guides are designed to to be like having your best friend showing you around their favourite local hotspots", says Anna.

Photo credit: Lost Guides
I am so stoked to have been given a free copy of the Lost Guide - Bali E-Book! It will definitely be of great help for me to come up with a concrete plan on our trip to Bali either last quarter of this year or first quarter of next year. Woohoo! You rock, Anna! Thank you and it's great putting a lovely face behind an author's name. It was nice meeting you!

3) TYPO 
Confession: I have a thing for all things Typo! Yes, I am a Typo addict! I hold Typo products close to my heart so much that I also treat their paper bags with care and attention. They are carefully stacked in my dresser for recycling. Haha! Remember the little makeover I did for my girl's room last time? I used Typo jute string and white wooden pegs to come up with Pinterest-inspired photo gallery.

On top of that, my all time favourite Typo product is their ceramic pen holder that doubles up as a small flower vase and/or a decorative piece. I also drink in a Typo mug everyday, that's how addicted I am! Haha! The only Typo collection I haven't started hoarding yet is their Tech and Travel Collection, most of which are featured on the photos above. I am so in love with their refillable travel journal. I gotta start giving hubby some hints on what to give me on Mother's day.

Cote & Badt, founded by S+S (Samira and Sandra), boasts handmade espadrilles from Spain. Apparently, wearing handmade espadrilles was part of growing up in Spain so working on it comes naturally for the two Spanish friends who have been living in Asia for over 17 years. Their effortless chic designs combined with high quality materials and great fitting are made to make your feet happy, sexy and stylish.

Photo credit: L Hotel Seminyak
The L brand represents a personal, intimate and luxurious experience within the hotel and leave unforgettable memories for their guests. It means "Live Life", a motto which resonates well in their service delivery and product. Winning a 2-night stay at the L Hotel Seminyak Luxe Suite with the hubby would definitely be a dream come true for us!

During the event, our tummies were kept happy by the event's food and drinks sponsors:
If you are looking for a go-to caterer for your distinguised clients like ambassadors, gala organizers, celebrity weddings and the likes, Fine Palate is the answer. But don't be mistaken! Just because they are know for being a high end caterer doesn't mean they don't cater to ordinary gatherings. In fact, they also offer casual lunch and working lunch bento boxes. 
Photo credit: Daily Juice
Daily Juice offers healthier cold pressed juices. Cold presses compared to conventional methods of juicing, not only extract juice more gently, it also does more completely so you'll get more nutrients from your richer and fuller juice extract. For holistic information, check out

Obvious from the number of sponsors and crowd that came during the event, Lucy's Blog Meet SG Travel Edition was a great success. Everyone went home with wonderful things they can use on their next trip. In my case, I started packing for our Labour Day long weekend getaway and I can't wait to show you all what I will be bringing with me on the trip that are from my fabulous loots from the generous sponsors. Stay tuned and please follow me on Instagram if you wish to see them!

Till next Blog Meet SG!

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  1. The above post written by one of the best bloggers in SG and I am forever a fan! love love love your writing if I could only fit in a bikini LOL! 😜