The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Booking Transport When You're Travelling

There is loads of advice out there when it comes to transport and travelling. Whether it’s booking flights, taxis, buses or trains, here is the worst advice we’ve ever heard on the topic.

“Just figure out how you’ll get to your hotel once you get there!”
Figuring this kind of thing out on arrival is a terrible idea for a number of reasons. First up is the fact that you may not have a working internet connection when you arrive. Secondly, if you arrive in the middle of the night, or on a weekend, transport might be extremely limited.
Finally, and most of all, you are adding unnecessary stress onto your journey. Why figure out the route to your hotel or accommodation when you arrive if you can do it in advance? It doesn’t take long. Research the distance from the place you’ll be arriving, like a ferry port or airport, to the accommodation. Then find out the different ways you can get there. Weigh up costs and length of journey and pick your preference. Then, either make a booking or note down times and the pick-up point. Simple! An article like give you an idea of other things you should do before travelling.


“A taxi is the only civilised way to get around in that city!”
Anybody who says this to you has clearly forgotten about private, chartered buses. They have all the perks of a taxi, like privacy and speed, without the cramped conditions and limited facilities. When was the last time you saw a widescreen TV and a mini-bar in a taxi, for example? Probably never! The best place to book a chartered bus is probably online. Companies like can help. As the point above says, booking in advance is the best option to minimise stress and maximise relaxation!


“Book your flights the day before; it will be fine!”
It can’t be denied. Flight prices fluctuate up and down alarming amounts. It can be incredibly hard to get to grips with when the best times to buy are. Some places say booking earlier is best. Other suggest booking a week or two before. Meanwhile, some suggest that booking a couple of months in advance is the best way to get good availability and prices. suggest that five weeks in advance is ideal. However, there is a small party of people who insist that you should wait until the day before your trip to book.
Do not listen to these people! They’re probably basing it working off the fact that it worked on one occasion, for their sister’s cousin’s mum’s friend! Booking the day before your holiday is incredibly risky. First of all, there might be no availability. If all the seats on a flight are gone, they can’t just sit you with the pilot instead. Secondly, the prices might have totally skyrocketed. If it is a popular airline and route, and there are only a few seats left, they become a commodity. And once something is a commodity it is vulnerable to price hikes.
If availability or prices are too prohibitive, you might not be able to go on your holiday at all. You’ll waste all the deposits and payments you’ve put down on taxi’s, hotels and activities at your end destination. Don’t listen to this terrible advice; please!

You have been warned!

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