10 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Hotel Jen PH on Your Next Family Trip to Johor, Malaysia

SIDE STORY (You may jump into the main story if you are pressed with time.)

Our last two family trips to Johor Bahru (JB) were very short albeit tiring round trips. The first one in early 2013 was the worst because we took a tour bus. Imagine lugging all your things up and down the bus every time you pass by the Immigration Checkpoint. That scenario plus a whiny toddler in tow who always wanted to be carried.

Our second trip on the same year wasn't as bad because Travel Delight sponsored our transportation which was a private vehicle. It was a great relief to just stay inside the car whilst our passports are being checked. Our only gripe was the mad rush exploring Puteri Habour Family Theme Park. It's really tough when you are pressed with time because of the scheduled pick up going back to Singapore.

Having learned our lesson the hard way, hubby and I made a pact that the next time we go back to JB or Legoland Malaysia in particular, we'll stay at least overnight so that we'll maximize our visit and we don't have to rush back to Singapore after a tiring day at the theme park.

I planned our second visit to Legoland early of last month and it was such a blessing that Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour (PH) sponsored our family for a 2D1N stay in their hotel even it coincided with the Labour Day long weekend peak period. We wanted to stay at the Legoland Hotel so bad but the rate exceeded our travel budget. I opted to extend our stay at Hotel Jen PH for another day instead, at our own expense.

Best. Decision. Ever! You'll figure out why after reading the entire post.

We arrived at Hotel Jen PH on the 30th of April, Saturday morning and was so stoked to be welcomed warmly by Sumitha, the lovely front-desk staff who upon seeing that we have an active boy immediately arranged an early check in for our family. She even went the extra mile to upgrade our deluxe room into a deluxe harbour view room.

Without further ado, here are 10 reasons why you should stay at Hotel Jen PH on your next family trip to Johor, Malaysia.

1) Warm Hospitality
Just minutes after checking in, our welcome fruits and chocolates arrived. It came with a personal note from the hotel manager welcoming us to #thatJENfeeling of being at home whilst staying at Hotel Jen. For the record, the warm and welcoming hospitality actually started the moment we unloaded our things from the private vehicle that we rented to transport us from Singapore to Malaysia.

The hotel butlers approached us with a smile and cheerful morning greetings and proceeded to carry our things for us. We ended up not lifting a single finger as we made our way straight to the hotel lobby for check in. Spotted the complimentary drink station on our way to the reception and helped ourselves for a cooling infused water and tea. Check in was easy and breezy with the sweet-faced Sumitha, who apart from upgrading our room also made sure that our room came with a bathtub. Gotta love thoughtful hotel staff!

2) Room with Harbour Views
The moment we stepped inside our room, we opened the curtains using the automated switch system and G was instantaneously glued in the luxury yachts and casual boats lined up at the Puteri Harbour. If not for the blazing sun rays, he would have stayed there for long to appreciate the stunning views of the marina.

Another noteworthy thing about the room is that it is spacious enough for families with 2 young kids or 3 adults and one kid (like us) and it has everything you need like toiletries, extra pillow and blanket, steam iron, ironing board, hair dryer, full-size writing desk, electronic safe, cable TV, mini bar, refrigerator, free & fast WiFi and en-suite bathroom with separate shower cubicle.

The day bed that doubles as a sofa by the bay window is big enough for my teenager so I cancelled the extra bed that I previously booked prior to our arrival. You'll love the room's automated curtain system, the extra movable mirror mounted inside the bathroom where you can spot the tiniest details of your face, and the toilet's bidet and the ledge where you can put your phone/watch/wallet when you do your business.

3) Kid-friendly Swimming Pool with a Relaxing View
The entire swimming pool area located at the rooftop came with an infinity pool, Jacuzzi and a shallow pool suitable for kids where G had a blast "fishing".

The Jacuzzi itself is also very shallow which made it also suitable for kids to have bubble fun. K and G had a blast targeting each other and their dad with the water gun there.

Even the infinity pool came with a small area for kids to dip in the water and play. It is also a relief to see a lifeguard on duty to ensure everyone's safety while having water fun.

The unobstructed views of the Puteri Harbour from the infinity pool is a great bonus. In all our vacations and staycations, my constant dilemma is getting the kids out from the pool.

This time around, we parents had a hard time declaring pool time is over because we tremendously enjoy the relaxing and beautiful scenery from the pool.

The view at the infinity pool at night is equally breathtaking, we obviously couldn't get enough of it!

4) It is 10-minute free shuttle bus ride to Legoland Malaysia
The main agenda of our trip to JB is to re-explore Legoland Malaysia. The last time we visited, G was only 2y/o and the water park haven't opened yet (that, plus the mad rush and waiting game being on a group day tour) so we didn't get to enjoy much. I planned to arrange a private transportation to bring us to Legoland. Good thing the hubby stopped me because Hotel Jen PH actually have a shuttle bus that brings hotel guests to Legoland for FREE and it only takes 10 minutes to reach the resort.

Do remember that you have to book the shuttle bus in advance. I highly recommend booking 9am (first trip in the morning) and 7:30pm (last trip in the evening) to maximized your time at Legoland. Hotel Jen PH guests have the privileged to enter Legoland premises 30 minutes earlier (9:30am) from the resort's official opening time. All you have to do is flash your Hotel Jen key card as pictured with the welcome note above.

5) It is on the same compound where Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club are located
See that building with the colourful images of Thomas the Train and Barney the Purple Dinosaur? That is where The Little Big Club and Hello Kitty Town are exactly located. I took the photo at the hotel's link bridge to our room at Block B so basically, the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park is just a stone throw away.

To be exact, Hotel Jen is only 300m away from the two theme parks that caters for young kids and Hello Kitty fans.

We skipped both parks because we've already visited before (the two photos above were taken on our last visit to Puteri Harbour Theme Park) but for families who wish to strike off all theme parks at once (Legoland + Hello Kitty Town + The Little Big Club), Hotel Jen PH is the ideal hotel to stay.

6) Food Galore Around the Harbour
From Hello Kitty themed cafe, to Western food and cafe, Chinese food, Japanese Food, Malaysian food, local restaurant and bars, you'll never ran out of option where to dine if hotel food is not your cup of tea. All the cafes and restaurants mentioned are all within the compound of Puteri Harbour, hence all you need is to go down from Hotel Jen and walk around to check which restaurant suits your family's palate and budget.

Both al fresco and air-conditioned dining option are available on almost all food establishments. Specific places we dined at during our stay were Old Town Coffee, Kenny Rogers and Ying Ker Lou. It is also quite convenient that there is a pharmacy just right outside the hotel. It was a relief to find one when G had a small cut and I had a terrible headache.

7) Breakfast Buffet at Harbour Cafe
We had breakfast buffet at Harbour Cafe on two consecutive days and we were spoilt with choice, convenience and great service. There is a coffee maker in almost every corner of the humongous cafe and all food were thoughtfully replenished as soon as they ran out. Not in photo are the live cooking station where you can pick your choice of noodles, vegetables and condiments, steaming hot buns and siew mai, cereal corner, cold cuts, fresh fruits, and all kinds of pastries. Pictured above are the gluten-free assorted muffins and freshly made pancakes and waffle.

8) The Harbourfront
The night scene at harbourfront is romantic and made even more pleasing to the eyes with all the hanging LED lights on. It is not just ideal for a cooling and relaxing stroll after dinner. Couples without kids can also opt to catch a live band while dining. I am a little disappointed that we didn't get to explore the harbour at night with the kids but I am very thankful to the hubby who went down to photograph the night scene when I was nursing a bad headache brought by all the crazy rides K forced me to try with her at Legoland. Oh the things we do for our kids!

9) Gym with a View
Nothing is more motivating to shed off extra calories and burn fats than this spacious gym with harbour views. Yes, I am talking about the same spectacular views you see from the room and the infinity pool! For health buffs on holiday, this gym is gonna be one awesome bonus! We could have tested all the gym facilities if we had more time.

10) In-house Spa
If you are looking for a relaxing massage, look no farther as there is an in-house spa at Hotel Jen. You can either choose a couple room for you and your spouse or BFF or have a room exclusive for yourself for a relaxing and much needed me-time. We also skipped trying out the spa facilities as we did not include a luxurious spa on our budget.

I started with 5, then 8 and ended up with 10 reasons to stay at Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour! Now, tell me which one are you most excited about?
ADDRESS:Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Puteri Harbour
79000 Nusajaya, Johor Tarul Takzim
TELEPHONE NO.: +607 560 8888
EMAIL: hjph@hoteljen.com

Disclaimer: We were sponsored for a 2D1N stay with buffet breakfast by Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour management for the purpose of this review. We paid for our own private transportation, other food we consumed, extended stay and Legoland tickets. All opinion expressed and oodles of photos shared here are our own. 


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