10 Things To Add To Your Family's Bucket List

If you’re always looking for fun things to do with your family, you’re in the right place! Whether you just want ideas of what you can do this summer, or you want things you’ll be able to enjoy over the long term, these 10 things are great.

Day At The Beach

Every family should have a day at the beach during summer, even if it’s one in your home country. Make the most of the sunshine, take a few deck chairs and relax. It doesn’t need to be a boiling hot day for you to enjoy time with your toes in the sand. You could still splash in the sea if you’re brave enough!


Picnic In The Park

Having a picnic in the park is a great way to spend a sunny afternoon. You can just grab some snacks from the cupboard, or really go all out and make some healthy dishes for the family to enjoy. If you can’t get to the park, having a picnic in the garden is just as good!


Hiking as a family will bring you closer together. It’ll get you out of the house, active, and enjoying exercise. You’ll teach your kids healthy habits. There are so many different walking books out there, you’re bound to find one for your area that you can work your way through.

Go On A Road Trip

Road trips are so much fun, especially when you don’t plan where you’re going to end up. Just make sure the vehicle is safe and you take snacks and drinks for the kids. A playlist you can all sing along too will be fun too! RVing Planet has some good tips if you’re thinking of using an RV for this kind of trip.


Theme Parks

All families need to go to a theme park and get on some scary rides! Some of them can seem terrifying, but there’s no better feeling when you’ve been on one and conquered your fears! There are rides for kids of all ages.

Travel Abroad

Some families don’t get to travel abroad together, and it really is a shame. Exploring another country can teach young kids so much. Try to get a holiday abroad in!

Bike Ride

Biking is another great way to stay active together. It’s a good excuse to get your kids riding their bikes like pros too!

Feed The Ducks

All you need is the money for a loaf of bread. You could even use a stale load from your bread bin. Feeding the ducks is a tradition that should be carried on forever. Kids love it!


Go To A Market Or Fair

Markets and fairs sell all kinds of interesting things. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, they can be great for looking around and just exploring.

Go On A Night Walk

Night walks are way more interesting than day walks. Try taking your kids just before bed in their pyjamas and they should sleep much better!

Which of these will you try?

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