3 Gifts for Mother´s Birthday

You check the calendar and you noticed that Mother´s Birthday is around the corner, you as a dad have the responsibility to organize everything and make her feel like the queen of the world. But sometimes is hard to find a little free time and plan this special day. Don’t worry here are three ideas of perfect gifts for a perfect mom.

Beauty Day
Every woman want to feel special and pretty, but sometimes they don’t have time to schedule an appointment, search places or even look at salons while they are driving. From doing her hair, makeup, eyelash extension, etc. there are many options for her. You can do a fast search around your home to the closest Salon and check out all the treatments they have. If you get confused about the terminology they can explain the process and length of time needed. Another option is to give her a gift card so she can get all the treatments she wants, when it’s convenient for her.

Spa Day

Another perfect option to give her a very special and relaxing day is a spa. Spas are dedicated to the body. There a huge varieties of body treatments; if you need help you can call them and ask what you are looking for that suites her, for you to understand the process, and find out if there are any extra services that may be required. Also, you can give her a certificate for a specific treatment so she can use it whenever.

Home Picnic
For this activity all the family can participate, with cooking, decoration, ideas for the theme, etc.. She is going to be the inspiration for the menu; starting from the entrance to dessert, every meal is going to be magic. Easy but perfect, you don’t need to complicate yourself with elaborated dishes, some of them can be her favorite dishes and you can amaze her with the rest. After the picnic you can play some games, watch a movie, something that all of you enjoy as family. And don’t forget about the cake and beautiful flowers… they are important pieces for giving a special touch to the picnic.
In the end all options are meant for making her feels special, to remind her how much you love her, and how important she is in your lives.  

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