Expressions' Salmon Egg V Facial Treatment Review

Side Story:

When I received an invitation to try Expressions' new wave Salmon Egg V Face Treatment, the first thing that came into my mind was, "What? Salmon egg? For real?"

I thought salmon roe is meant to be eaten with a bagel? Haha!

Yup! Never heard before that salmon eggs are actually good for the skin. So I went straight to consult my best buddy, Mr G (Google) and typed salmon egg for skin in the search box.

Here are nuggets of information I gathered:
  • Salmon egg enzyme helps to gently resurface and restore radiance and brightness by removing dead skin cells. ~
  • Salmon egg enzyme naturally keeps skin looking young because it eats through dead skin cells, much like a fish pedicure. ~
  • Salmon egg enzyme is a wonderful and natural product that can be used in skincare because it helps brighten and tighten the skin. It is very in amino acids, fatty acids, omega 3, and vitamins A and D. It also contains zinc, phosphorous, calcium, iron and antioxidants that help unify skin colour and balance water that is lost daily. ~
After being enlightened, I went the extra mile to read a study that proved the effectiveness of salmon egg enzyme on selectively breaking down dead skin cells and alas, I was convinced that I am in for a good treat. I mentioned here before that one of my favourite me-time indulgence is going for a facial spa. 

In fact, I bought my very first facial treatment package as a Mother's Day gift to myself and never regretted investing some of my hard earned money into self-care ever since. Just the thought of being pampered whilst lying down comfortably on a warn bed with a calming instrumental music playing in the air, makes me feel so blissful and relaxed. After all, "Happy Mom = Happy Kids and Happy Wife = Happy Life" aren't just a cliche but absolute truth. 

Main Story:

I went to Expressions' Orchard branch as soon as we came back from Malaysia for a long weekend getaway with my family. After all the swimming we did at the hotel and Legoland Water Park for 3 days straight, I thought it was the perfect time to go for a facial treatment. 

I was greeted warmly by a Filipino staff whom I've met during my last visit. Evie, my designated beauty consultant for the day, welcomed me too with glee and didn't waste time to explain to me the whole procedure and its amazing benefits which got me really excited. 

Here's showing you my bare tanned face during the treatment. The 1 hr and 40 mins treatment includes: 
  • face cleansing with whitening cleansing milk
  • eyebrow shaping
  • exfoliating (gentle scrub on the T zone area)
  • steaming with light extraction
  • mask application (salmon egg with 3D collagen mask)
  • cryo box facial machine
  • face and shoulder massage
  • finishing mask (cherry flavoured mask, smells heavenly!)
  • final treatment with hydrating cream
I can't tell you enough how shiok the feeling was, you have to go and experience it for yourself. Haha! I actually dozed off for a couple of minutes, that's how relaxed I felt during the entire treatment. The only uncomfortable part is the extraction (my most-hated part in all my facial treatments) but it wasn't that bad as the other painful extractions I've experienced before. It does matter when your beauty consultant have lighter pair of hands. 

Pardon the bad quality of this photo I took with my iPhone as soon as I finished the treatment. I just wish to show you my after-treatment-glow. No edit was done except for my cloud eyes because like I mentioned above, I dozed off and my eyes looked horrible on the photo. 

Here are the benefits of Salmon Egg V Face Treatment:
  • cutting edge wrinkles and fine line solutions
  • deep moisturizing and hydrating properties
  • improved skin firmness and elasticity
  • strengthens the skin cells and regeneration system
Here's the best part! Expressions is offering a Mother's Day promotion which is so reasonable, you can book a pampering treatment a.k.a perfect gift for yourself and/or your mom this Mother's Day.
  • Option 1: $28 Salmon Egg V Face Treatment UP $280 (60mins)
  • Option 2: $38 Salmon Egg V Face Treatment UP $380 (90mins)
For option 2, you can actually enjoy a 1-for-1 Salmon Egg V Face Treatment with Cromoray treatment at $38. Promotion is valid for first time costumers until 31st of May 2016.

Call 6235 9890 (Orchard Branch) or 6358 1555 (Upper Thomson Branch) for appointment before they get fully-booked.

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About Salmon Egg V Face Treatment: Utilising more than 10 natural ingredients exclusively extracted from the Alaska egg roe stem cell and Expressions' cutting edge technology, this special formulation delivers instant-lifting, anti-wrinkle and whitening effects to resurface and restore radiance and brightness by removing dead skin cells. 
Disclaimer: We were invited to try Salmon Egg V Facial Treatment for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received and all opinion expressed here are based on our first hand experience. Do note that results may vary from every individual.  

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  1. Great promo deal. I've always loved Ikura as a food. Didn't know it does wonders for the skin too.