'Hideaways - Creating with Nature' Kid-Friendly Exhibition at Playeum

First things first.

What is Playeum?
Award winning non-profit organization Playeum opened Asia's first Children's Centre for Creativity on 19 September 2015. The first of its kind, the dedicated creative space for children is located in key regional visual arts hub, Gillman Barracks. Embracing a global shift in increasing marketing demands for creativity, a key part of Playeum's wider mission is to establish a culture of meaningful and impactful joy. 
Led by Executive Director Anna Salaman and Co-Founders Sumitra Pasupathy and Jennifer Loh, the Childre's Centre for Creativity most closely aligns with the Reggio Emilia Approach - an innovative pedadogy in early childhood education, and aims to lead a revolutionary change in mindset where children are viewed as highly competent and creative.

Playeum offers an immersive environment for children to:






with nature and natural materials through hands-on exhibits and interactive artists' installations.

Its inaugural exhibition titled "The Art of Speed" was a huge success. It attracted over 17,500 children and adults during its six and a half month duration.

"Hideaways - Creating with Nature", Playeum's second exhibition which was launched last month, features installations which provide interdisciplinary and engaging experience, serving as an important reminder of the world's ecosystem.

Here are G's favourites from the exhibit:

1) KNOCK, KNOCK! WHO LIVES THERE? by Isabelle Desjeux
On a special surveillance screen, K and G was able to view real specimens of spiders, ants, flies and other insects and was inspired to draw.
The hubby who's work involves a lot of drawing got too serious drawing with the kids and they amazed with with their finished masterpiece.

2) MAKE-BELIEVE HIDEAWAY by Madhvi Subrahmanian
Informed by the artists's love of creating secret dens as a child, this installation invites children to experience playing with clay and build imaginary habitats inspired by nature. The children's miniature clay creations are placed within a larger habitat, resulting into a collective make-believe hideaway.

3) WELCOME TO MY WORLD by People's Atelier
Imagine yourself being an insect and constructing your own shelter. Presenting insect on a giant scale, kids get to explore the sights and sounds through the eyes and ears of an insect. If there is one thing that G loves doing at home, it's pretend play so it isn't surprising how he enjoyed this so much.

This is where G had the most fun. My musically inclined boy had a blast making his own guitar and "playing" music instruments made from natural materials like bamboo and coconut shells. We had to make two trips at the music "tunnel" because he couldn't get enough of it.

5) CREATURE CAVE by Bartholomew Ting
This installation is catered for infants and toddlers. It features animal sound pads and a range of textures and lights. The little ones are rest assured to revel in exploring the multi-sensory cave using their whole bodies, eyes, and ears.

DARK SPACE by Richard Kearns
Enjoy Kinetic art work and exciting hands-on activities in this changing space. G is not a fan of dark spaces hence he just peep and gave this a miss.
'Hideaway - Creating with Nature' invites children to play with nature, and thereby answers extensive global research on the importance of children interacting with and appreciating the natural world. Obvious health benefits such as preventing obesity and ensuring a child's successful physical development, communing with nature and playing outdoors heightens children's awareness and appreciation of plants and other animals, leading to a greater respect and care for the natural world. 
As a parent, I strongly believe in the importance of teaching our kids to love nature. If you have been following me on Instagram, you should know how much effort I put into getting my kids engaged in nature. You can see my posts here and here where I asked G to collect anything "interesting" in his eyes during our walk in the park and we built a bird's nest out of it after.

In need of a digital gadget therapy? Bring your kids at Playeum for a good dose of fun and nature love!
PLAYEUM - Block 47, Malan Road
Gillman Barracks
#01-21 to #01-23
Singapore 109444
TICKETING: Child ages 1 to 12: $20
Accompanying adult: FREE
Additional adult: $10
For schools and groups: $12/student
Playeum is an independent charity which champions children through play and creativity.


  1. Playeum looks interesting! Kids are fortunate, so much activities to keep them busy over the holidays, only not-enough-time :)

    cheers, Andy

  2. I love the way they create and allow kids to imagine! A great place for not only kids but also adults too ;)

  3. We have been there before, with my educator friend. Even she said this is a wonderful place for children to play in. Truly thankful that our kids have a safe yet creative place to play and learn in.

  4. These places are the best where kids can explore and use their imagination. if I was there I would have surely.enjoyed too.

  5. It's so cool but so expensive! I understand that it's supposed to be a non-profit, but I find it hard to justify paying $20 for my 1 year old to enter the building.

  6. I'm bringing my boy there this June. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Wow this looks super cool!! I think this is more suitable for older kids, if I bring my 2yo there.. she will probably bring down the barracks!

  8. Thanks for the introduction and review. This is one of the places I'm planning to take my daughter this June school holidays as I like their theme on Nature. Looks like there's lots for her from interactive play and nature discovery.

  9. Love all the hands-on experiences available.. children really learn best by doing things themselves I feel :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka