Why You Should Go Overseas for Your Honeymoon

When you’re planning a wedding, you also need to plan for an amazing honeymoon. If you’re with the one you love, then it will probably be amazing wherever you go. You could probably even stay at home and have the best time ever, as long as you’ve booked time off from work!

But in this article I’m going to convince you that you should be going overseas on your honeymoon. That’s right: to a different, more exotic country! Here are some of the reasons you should go for it.

Because it’s the ultimate break from reality

The point of a honeymoon is that you spend the first few days of your marriage in intimacy and seclusion. You’re going to be spending time with each other and nobody else. Of course, this isn’t something that really works in the long-term. In reality, you will have to see friends and family members eventually! So this honeymoon phase represents what should be a break from reality.
What’s more of a break from your usual reality than an overseas holiday? Going somewhere new, with different landscapes and different cultures, is key to suspending reality for a while.

You can visit places famous for romance

If you’re reading this, then the chances are you’re in an English-speaking country. Statistically, this means you’re probably reading this from the United Kingdom or the United States. Now, obviously, there are some amazing places famed for romantic vibes in both of these countries. But does Seattle or London really compare to, say, Paris when it comes to the feel of romance? Sure, some great romantic movies have been made in those places. But they’re not exactly “cities of love”, are they?

There are several territories in places like France, Greece and Fiji that are famous for romantic getaways. It may sound cliché, sure. But there are good reasons that those places are famed as honeymoon destinations!

Not as expensive as you think

When people think about “overseas honeymoons”, a lot of images come to mind. They think of an activity-filled, luxurious adventure. But the fact is that honeymoons tend to be quite relaxed affairs. Honeymooners don’t tend to spend a lot of time at expensive tourist attractions, the way usual holiday-goers do.

With this in mind, you’ll be spending less than you think. Your focus is on where you’re staying; if that’s amazing, then little else will matter. Many resorts are even willing to throw in incentive deals for couples looking for an amazing honeymoon location. Even something as exotic as Zanzibar resorts can be found at great prices.

Makes memories even more special

The memories of your wedding and honeymoon should be special no matter what. They’ll be placed indelibly in your minds forever, for better or worse! And what I’ve noticed as I look back at my life is that I remember the exotic vacations I’ve been on with particular clarity. Why not mix the “wedding days” and the “exotic vacation” together to form the ultimate memory?

You’ll also have the pleasure of having loving memories spread on an international level. So combine your sense of adventure with your romance for your honeymoon!

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