4 Ways to Ease Back Pain When Travelling Long Distance

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Whenever you travel over long distances, you will have to remain seated for extended periods of time, whether you are travelling by car, train, or airplane. This can take its toll on your body, particularly your back, and it can lead to stiffness, tension, and pain. But the discomfort can be avoided, or at least reduced, if you follow the simple tips below.

Purchase a Car Seat Back Support Product
There are great back support products on the market, such as the one that you can learn about if you click here. You can use these products whether you are driving, you are in the passenger seat of a car, or if you are travelling by bus or train. They will help to reduce the level of pain and stiffness that you would otherwise experience without the additional support they provide. They also increase your mobility and your flexibility, and they can provide a lot of relief from muscular tension and pain throughout the back area and other areas of your body. Plus, there aren’t any side effects like you can get by taking strong pain relieving medications.

Move Around as Much as Possible
Whether you are on a plane or driving over long distances, move around as much as you can until you reach your destination. This means stopping regularly to walk around if you are driving, as well as moving around the plane when you are allowed to do so. If you end up sitting in the same position for too long, your back muscles will end up stiffening, and this could lead to spasms and aches. And when you can’t stand up and move around, you can even stretch and move a bit in your seat at the very least.

Adjust Your Car Seat Appropriately
If you are going to be driving for a long period of time, it is a good idea to move the driver’s seat forward so that you can be as close to the wheel as possible without getting uncomfortable. This will prevent slouching, and it will also prevent straining your legs and feet to reach the pedals. But also be sure to angle the seat properly. The back should be at an angle of roughly 100-110 degrees in order to sit appropriately for the least amount of pain.

Apply a Cold Pack to Your Back
A lot of the times that you experience back pain, there is probably inflammation there as well. If you apply a cold pack to the area, you can numb those sore tissues while reducing the amount of inflammation that your body is producing. You can take an ice pack in your car by using a cooler, or you can purchase instant ice packs and keep them in your glove compartment.

Incorporate these strategies the next time you have to hit the road or fly on a plan for an extended period of time and over long distances. They should help ease your back pain and help you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to explore.

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