Bold, Beautiful Plus Size Swimwear Designs are Hot, Trendy, and Beach Bound

As the weather gets warmer, everyone begins to think and talk about going to the beach! It's a wonderful way to stay cool, work on a gorgeous tan and show off a beautiful swimsuit. But what if you're a plus size gal and you have some reservations? Is this all still possible for you? Or do you have to stay inside wishing away the pounds? Of course it's all possible! Women of every size and shape can happily wear a trendy plus size swimsuit for their figure and go to the beach and enjoy every second of their time in the sun and water. No one should have to miss out on that, and it just so happens that the fashion industry is embracing plus sizes.
Changes in the fashion industry
Because more plus size models are in the news today, more stores and online sites are featuring plus size swimsuits for their customers who no longer feel fearful of going to the beach. Plus size models are helping women of all sizes understand that they are beautiful no matter what their size. Many online retailers cater exclusively to plus size shoppers. One such retailer, swimsuitsforall, believes that a great attitude is often the best accessory a woman can have, and this sentiment is evident in their superior selection. Women in the know understand their bodies. A woman who recognizes the strengths and the flaws of her body will be stoked to learn that she can check out the latest plus size swimwear options at swimsuitsforall that will flatter and accentuate her rather than draw attention to areas of her body that she would rather hide.
The online revolution
Plus size women often have problems finding that perfect swimsuit in brick and mortar retail stores. While the retail industry knows that plus size women are out there shopping for clothes, many carry only smaller sizes. And many of the stores that do carry both smaller sized swimsuits and plus size swimsuits have a prettier selection in the smaller sizes, adding selection anxiety to the preexisting fitting room anxiety that many women already feel. The sad truth is that plus size women often have to settle for something they don't really want, only because it fits.Online stores generally have a wider variety of sizes and patterns for plus size women, making that the better way to shop.
The body type calculator
Another advantage to online shopping for trendy plus-size swimsuits is that many retail sites offer sizing guides (or in the case of swimsuitsforall, a personalized body type calculator) for plus size women to help them find the right swimsuit for their figure.Many sites will help a woman figure out her body shape with the help of online tools. Whether it’s hourglass, pear-, or apple-shape, finding out your body type and not just your body size will help you find a flattering swimsuit in no time.

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