Men’s Style – 5 Rules for Rocking Your Denim

Denim is the most loved piece of clothing by men. Ask any men and he would tell you how he keeps his beloved pair of jeans in his wardrobe. He might have one or two but he will make sure that he has the best one.
Whether you like slim, bootcut, vintage or relaxed denim, styling it up is the most important thing to consider. You don’t want to look like a misfit or someone who has no idea about the trends or latest style.
From tees to shirts and cuffing to tucking them or even accessorizing with belts, there are myriad ways to dress up denim. So let us suggest some quick rules for styling up that denim –
1. Boat Shoes + Bright Polo
Time to sail away with boat shoes and a bright polo t-shirt! Being the classiest combination, it will instantly add dimension to your whole outfit when paired with denim. Forget the chinos, denim are what will look the cool yet classy with this combination.
2. Casual Tee+ Blazer
Blazer is a real good thing. The good old blazer looks so amazing when styled up with denim. Wear a blazer with a casual tee. V-neck tees are the best to be worn inside a blazer. Pick a white classy V-neck and team it up with a dark colored blazer.
Remember to choose contrasting shades of denim and blazer as they will look more coordinated. Complete the look with a pair of brogues, and you are a gentleman already!
3. Cardigan + vintage shoes
Have you heard? You can grow up the denim and t-shirt look by wearing a cardigan. More retro, the better. Pair it with vintage shoes for a complete look. And yeah, how can we forget about the sunglasses. A nice pair of wayfarer will add a cool factor to the whole look.
Remember to pick a cardigan with the front open. They are so airy and can fit over any t-shirt. Pair a plain cardigan with a graphic tee for a dapper look.
4. Vest +crew neck tee
Remember the good old Justin Timberlake look? A vest thrown over a tee and walking like a lion. The dude has style, people will say!
So take off your old vest. It is time to repurpose it. Just wear it over a denim-tee combination. Crew neck tees are the best pick for the vest. You can opt for a vest in plain, stripes, grids or any pattern. For one with patterns, pick a plain crew neck tee.
5. Shirt + oxford shoes
You can go to the club, office and wherever you want in this style. It can give serious envy to other men, trust us! A shirt looks uber cool with denim. Pair the denim-shirt combo with a pair of oxford shoes and you will slay it, we tell you. Many CEOs of big companies wear this for an edgy feel.
Next important thing that will complete the entire look is a belt. The rule of the thumb is – the colors of belt and shoes should be similar. Suppose you are going to wear your tan oxford shoes with denim-shirt combo, pick the belt in the same tan shade.
So lads, you can always style differently with denim. Just a play of some outfit, a little bit of accessorizing and you can totally make the denim the most versatile outfit in the world. Our tip-offs will help you find the right apparels to pair with your darling denim and you can rock any season, any occasion be it formal or casual, with them.

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