See the Rockies Like You've Never Before

We’ve all read about the Rocky Mountains, but too few of us have experienced them up close. Their true beauty and majesty can’t be described. You have to see it to believe it. But why not experience it too, in a way that’s as unique as the Rockies themselves? Ski enthusiasts are travelling to British Columbia in droves on heli skiing vacations, and it’s time that you join them.
For those of you who are familiar with the overcrowded ski runs, chairlifts, and chalets of the average resort, don’t worry. Nestled in a basin of the Kootenay Rockies, a southeastern region of the larger mountain range, sits the ideal location for boutique heli skiing lodges. These lodges, operated by small companies like Great Canadian Heli Skiing, understand that privacy and exclusivity is a crucial feature of a heli skiing run. As a small operation, they limit the number of people staying with them at any given time. More importantly, their trips up the mountains are further restricted to the size of their helicopters. To read more about the why, check out today and read about the priorities of a boutique operator.
But let’s back up. You read that right: a helicopter will transport you to some of the tallest peaks in North America. Way up high in the Kootenay Rockies, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled vantage point, surrounded by snow peaks, towering evergreens, and limitless sky. But many heli skiing enthusiasts rate these as secondary once they get to cut down the mountain, for the endless blue sky is matched by bottomless uncut powder. And it’s yours to conquer.
A full day of skiing can wrack up impressive vertical metres as you and your friends cut swathes down the mountain. Unhampered by poor conditions or crowded runs, you can go as fast or as slow as you want, mixing up extreme speed with sight-seeing breaks. Up close and personal, the Rocky Mountains will defy all of your expectations.
So will your lodgings. Boutique operators believe in creating a full experience unmatched in excitement and luxury. Those lodges that wait for you at the bottom of the Rockies are full of the typical amenities that you need on your trip. A welcoming crew await you there, ready to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. These people are professionals when it comes to creating unforgettable experiences, and they’ve created packages that rival the natural beauty of the mountains. Make your next holiday a trip to BC, where the best heli skiing awaits you. Start planning early and customize your perfect vacation.

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  1. okay skiing is one thing how about camping out in the late spring through fall - that is an experience!