The Manhattan Fish Market's All New Breakfast Menu

One of our family's weekend tradition is eating breakfast together. Most of the time, I prepare breakfast before everyone wakes up. We all love to sleep in on weekends but I have to exert extra effort to wake up earlier than everyone so that I could come up with a breakfast spread that the kids and the husband will enjoy.

Some weekends though when I am exhausted from work and I feel like sleeping in and the hubby don't feel like cooking too, we just head to the nearest mall to enjoy the breakfast offerings from known fast-food chains. After all, weekends are made for indulgence. We eat home-cooked meals on weekdays so it's alright to give in to outside food once in a while.

I have to say though that eating the same breakfast offering from a fast-food chain every time we eat out can get very boring. I would love to bring my family to kid-friendly cafes that offer delectable brunch sets but the food price is not very forgiving on the pocket, plus the kids always end up not being able to finish their own food so I find it impractical.

Best solution? Affordable breakfast meals meant for sharing!

The Manhattan Fish Market must have heard parents' sentiments similar to mine that they came up with hearty breakfast sets meant for sharing with your family. The best part is, their all-new weekend breakfast offerings are on par with some of the all-day breakfast menu you see from hipster cafes. Think Eggs Benedict and Smoked Salmon!

Don't believe it? Here, see it for yourself!

1) Eggs Benedict Sharing Platter ($17.95)
I am a certified Eggs Benedict avid fan so it's no surprise to my family that this was my personal choice. I didn't quite expect the big serving, it's a good thing it is meant to be shared! K helped me finish the hash brown and G ate the snail sausage. The fluffy pancake was topped with strawberry and came with generous serving of maple syrup. G who is a strawberry monster and pancake lover helped me gobble it up in no time.

Do you know how other food enthusiasts judge their Eggs Benedict? They poke the egg and see if the egg yolk flows. Some say if it never flow, it's a fail. Oh well! The one served to me isn't too "flowy" but it certainly pleased my taste buds.The melted cheddar cheese and crispy turkey bacon made it even more palatable.

*Alternative for this meal: Smoked Salmon Sharing Platter ($17.95)

2) Glory Fish Tower ($7.95)
This is hubby's pick because he is currently on a fish diet. The big serving comes with The Manhattan Fish Market's signature hand-battered fish fillet fried to perfection (crispy outside and soft fish meat inside), Onion Glory, lettuce, cheese and topped with thick toast. It also came with coleslaw, which is hubby's all-time favourite, on the side. Needless to say, he conquered this glorious tower all by himself.

*Alternative for this meal: Big Brekkie Delight ($9.95)

3) Salmon 'n Mushroom Sandwich ($8.95)
Here's K's choice of breakfast, because she prefers to eat light in the morning. It came with small serving of vegetables and a poached egg in a crunchy tortilla bowl (such a genius idea, I want to replicate it at home!). I tasted her Salmon 'n Mushroom Sandwich and find it a little bit salty for my liking. K on the other hand enjoyed it and polished it off.

4) Nutella & Banana French Toast ($4.95)
Here's a trivia about G. Whenever he wants to eat Nutella sandwich at home, he'd shout "breadtella please!". Haha! Nobody taught him that. He coined the word "breadtella" by himself. My friend who knows me well for creatively coining words commented G has got my brains. Heehee! Anyway, that explains this was G's choice of breakfast. I love that it comes with banana which is a great source of energy and helps boost brain power. It has gotten two thumbs up from G!

*Alternative for this meal: The Berry Happy Pancake ($7.95)

To compliment all of the above breakfast dishes, The Manhattan Fish Market also came up with a selection of breakfast drinks. We opted for Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice ($3.90) served in a small-sized carafe.

Other choices include:
  • Marshmallow Cocoa - $3..90
  • Cappuccino - $3.90
  • Latte - $3.90
  • Black Coffee - $2
  • Tea (English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chamomile or Peppermint) - $2
The all-new breakfast menu are now available every weekend and public holidays from 8am to 12pm at the following outlets:
  • Causeway Point, #02-34/K1
  • Century Square, #01-31
  • Bishan Junction 8, #01-22/30
  • Northpoint, #02-06/07
  • Jurong Point, #01-32
Disclaimer: We were invited to try The Manhattan Fish Market's all-new weekend breakfast offering for the purpose of this review. No other monetary compensation was received and all opinions plus drool worthy photos are our own. 


  1. Any idea when the breakfast is served until? 11am? or it is thouse full day weekend kind? I love breakfast food but I want them for lunch instead! hee hee
    Vivien ( Beautiful Chaos )

  2. I didn't even know they are open for breakfast. Looks good though. I have a friend who orders egg benedicts every time we go out to brunch together. Maybe he can join your certified egg-benedict fan club. Haha!

  3. Oh.. the Eggs Benedict Sharing Platter looks delicious! Since it ends at 12 noon, it's great for a very late breakfast (or early lunch)!! Great for a lazy weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Woo.. sounds really cool. Too bad there isn't one near our place. Gotta find an opportunity to try it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Jac (

  5. Thanks for sharing! It certainly look very appetising. Eggs benedict is my favourite too.

  6. I typically only have these breakfasts when on holidays overseas. Glad to know there are some available locally. How does it compare to those hipster cafes tho?

    1. Not bad at all but their salmon and mushroom sandwich is a bit too salty for my taste buds.

  7. I didn't know they serve breakfasts! Now I have no excuse to skip the most important meal of the day :D

  8. Yummy Yummy!!! I am hungry now looking at the delicious breakfast! I love eggs benedict!


  9. Cool! We are going this Sunday!