Valcucine Launched Its First Singapore Showroom

I am so stoked to have made time for the official launch of VALCUCINE's first Singapore showroom in partnership with Roberto Design. My husband and I have been looking for kitchen inspirations as we are planning to renovate our outdated kitchen which was left to us by our flat's previous owner.


Established in 1996, Roberto Design is an Italian kitchen specialist lead by Director, Roberto Puccini, headquartered in Singapore. It handles the distributorship of VALCUCINE kitchens in several parts of South East Asia. Roberto Design launched the first Valcucine showroom in Jakarta. Over the years the company expanded with more showrooms popping up in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Due to the high demand for quality home furniture and fittings, Roberto Design brought in prestigious product lines with unique systems and technology to meet different customers' needs and at the same time, ensuring functionality and ergonomics.

VALCUCINE originated from Italy in 1980, specializing in designing timeless and elegant kitchens made to last for generations. For years, Valcucine has worked in the field of kitchen and system design, always putting aesthetics, creativity, and the satisfaction of their client first, dictated by the solid will to guarantee functionality, ergonomics, safety, and respect for nature.

Every brand has a story behind it, for Valcucine, the logo is defined by four "petals" representing the four elements; Fire, Water, Earth and Air in perfect harmony. The four elements merge in the centre, where "Man" is present and is represented by the unbroken circumference of the circle. In this way, Man unites the four elements thereby illuminating the notion of harmony.

Valcucine's slogan, "Inovation for Life" stems from its brand pillars, offering well-beingtimelessand innovation in their products as elaborated in the poster above.

The kitchen is no longer a separate room adjacent to or easily accessible from a dining room, but becomes part of an open-plan living space where a family can cook, eat and relax. VALCUCINE embraces the new role of the kitchen and how this influences the experience and well-being of the user by adapting its style and look accordingly.

Cooking is now an extraordinary and enjoyable experience through the innovation of Valcucine's system designs. Whipping up dishes can now be done in a jiffy with the kitchen designed and planned within hand's reach.

Valcucine's design that employs purely mechanical joints instead of adhesives, guarantees the total elimination of toxin emisions, including carcinogens like formaldehyde, which are commonly present in traditional kitchen manufacturing. Simply said, this system is the utmost expression of eco-sustainable design.

Valcucine's launch of its first Singapore showroom was a great success. It was filled with amazing kitchen inspirations (a.k.a. #kitchengoals for Instagrammers) and delectable Italian food paired with a free-flow of wine and endless chatter from the crowd.

Here are more photos from the event taken by the private photographer I hired bribed (the hubby):
Thank you Absolute PR and Valcucine for the invite. We were greatly inspired to save up so that we can make our dream kitchen a reality. We also had an awesome gastronomic experience from all the Italian flair you served your guests.

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