Barashi-Tei Offers Decent and Wallet-Friendly Japanese Food

I admit, we occasionally splurge on good food. My family enjoys eating out on weekends and we are always on the look out for good but wallet-friendly places to eat. One of the amazing perks of being a self-proclaimed epicurean is discovering food places that offers decent and affordable food through media tasting. Like I said before, I rarely go on food tasting anymore for the reason I mentioned here. I save my yes to food that I truly love so I won't even have to think twice recommending it to my valuable readers and most importantly, my family.

What's on top of my list? It is written all over those drool-worthy Japanese food on the collage! Haha! My love for Japanese food is influenced by my teenager-slash-gluttongirl (she said that herself ok?) who I regularly go out with for one-on-one foodie bondates. She can eat sushi Every. Single. Day if you let her be. I can't wait to bring her at Barashi-Tei on our next bondate!

Here are the food we sampled at Barashi-Tei which made my girl drool after I showed her the photos:


How do I even begin to describe it? It has my name written all over the salad bowl! Haha! I am an ultimate fan of salmon and avocado and if you follow me on IG, you should know that I occasionally come up with my own salad experiments because my hubby and I love eating our greens fresh and delicious. What happens when you mix freshly sliced avocado and torched salmon into your salad and top it with all things fresh and delicious? You be the judge!

Now, change the salmon and avocado into assorted sashimi and you get this. It all boils down into individual preference and I will definitely choose the former than the latter. 


Underneath those yummy goodness (an assortment of 1cm thick salmon, tuna, mackerel, mekajiki and tamago slices) is perfectly cooked Japanese rice that came from Japan. Apparently, Japanese rice bought at supermarkets are not as authentic as the ones flown from Japan. If you are a big eater, go for this. 

SAKE JYU DON ($16.80)
For those like me who can't say no to salmon, this is a great alternative Chirashi Don. 

And yet, another alternative if you don't fancy salmon. 

A bowl filled with cubes of maguro, salmon, ikura, makajiki and tamago. 

Can you spot the difference between Bara Chirashi and Aburi Bara Chirashi? Yes! The latter is torched and I definitely enjoyed it more. 


Just looking at the photo makes me drool all over again! This is the crowd favourite, the one that created a lasting impression in our taste buds. I cannot even tell you how good it was, you definitely have to order this when you dine at Barashi-Tei. For those who doesn't really like spicy food, this isn't really spicy so you can give it a try too. 

Looking for a less sinful option? Go for this! Obviously, this dish is inspired by Vietnamese summer roll. 


From the 10 Yakimono choices, we were only able to try one which is this Ika Teriyaki. If you love squid, you have to try this. The one served to us was perfectly grilled so it was not to hard and chewy just the way I like it. The sauce is a little sweeter than my taste buds' level of sweetness tolerance. 


The are 3 Nimono dish you can choose from the menu but this was recommended to us. For me, any soup is comfort food but what I love about this is that it contains fish, my favourite mushrooms, seaweed, carrots and tofu. All of it mixed together gave the soup slight sweetness. I say it's flavourful and comforting! The serving is big so it can be shared up to 6 diners.



Between Wasabi and Kuruma Ebi, I'd prefer the former since I love wasabi-flavoured anything. The latter has bean sauce paste and is topped generously with fried minced garlic.


I am not a fan of steak but add some foie grass and I'd be happy to devour it. The sirloin steak surprisingly melts in the mouth! I have a hunch my girl and my husband would love this.

Hmmm, I had one bite but I will pass next time. I am not a fan of duck meat.

For those unfamiliar with this, tamago is a type of Japanese omelette which is made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg. You can actually find ready made ones in the supermarket but the owner of Barashi-Tei prefers to handmade them instead. I would love it more if it was less sweeter.

Mr Wang Zhenfeng, Barashi-Tei's founder and main chef came all the way from China to learn from a 60 y/o Japanese Master Chef who has decades of professional experience concocting Japanese food.

When the Senior Japanese Master Chef went back to Japan, Mr Wang decided to put up his own restaurant and based from the crowd during our visit at Barashi-Tei (I took the above photo about 6:30pm, it was full house by 7:30pm), his thoughtful Japanese dishes are earning massive positive reviews since it opened about a month ago.

Barashi-Tei also offers set lunches from $8 to $10 only. Considering its prime location (they are located right next to Le Cafe Confectionery and Pastry which is known for its soya tarts) and extra effort in importing fresh ingredients from Japan, Barashi-Tei offers decent and affordable Japanese food that can satisfy your craving.
266 Middle Road
Singapore 188991
Opening Hours:
11:30am - 3pm (lunch)
6pm - 4am (dinner/supper/midnight bingeing)
Instagram: @barashitei

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