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I won't beat around the bush. Recently, I found a go-to site to search for good and affordable food places through a fellow mommy blogger. Let's be honest here. There are so many sites out there in the world wide web but what made me decide to stick with EATBOOK.SG is because their articles and food reviews are written by people who can cook.

What does that entail?

You are guaranteed to get a good bang for your bucks should you decide to follow their recommendations. You have to remember though that taste is very subjective. One dish a certain individual may find heavenly may be not be delicious to another person. It all boils down to individual preference and one's unique taste buds. When it comes to food, follow your own taste.

Food sites exist as a guide. You have to make your own assessment and decide whether or not to eat in the places they mention in their articles. Find one that reviews honestly and presents both the good and the bad, like what eatbook did here. There have been a lot of noise going around about food bloggers joining media tastings for free and come up with biased reviews. Of course, there are bad eggs and good eggs. You have the liberty to choose the latter, just as you have the liberty to choose which food site to read and follow.

To be honest, I join media tastings too but since I am not a food blogger, my food-related articles always come out not as a review but a feature. My taste buds are also quite easy to please to begin with, so like what I mentioned earlier, food that's heavenly to me may turn up to be crappy to you. I selectively RSVP to food related invites because I only wish to talk about something that I am passionate about, not forced to write about.

Speaking of passion, the writers behind are without a doubt very passionate about food because they cook and are eager to find affordable and best places to eat when they don't have the time to come up with a delectable dish.
They also have area guides like the article shown above so no matter which part of Singapore you live, you can always find cheap and good places to eat in your area through EATBOOK.SG.

Happy food hunting!

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