G's 5th Birthday Bash: A Letter and Photo Diary

My Precious Big Boy,

Your most dreaded day has come. You are officially a big boy now and mama wants you to act like one. That means no more throwing tantrums, no more ugly cries, no more "Mama, carry me please, I am so tired" antics. But wait... Who am I kidding? I secretly wish you still allow me to treat you like a baby. I still wish you will not wiggle your way out of my tight embrace whenever I want to cuddle you. I still wish you'd let me carry you on my lap and you'd fall asleep in my arms during long taxi rides, so I could adore your long eyelashes and kiss your not-so-baby but still soft and smooth cheeks like there's no tomorrow. I still wish you will not run away when I ask trick you repeatedly to give me power hugs and power kisses. I still wish you'd generously give me snail kisses and let me give you back fishy and farty kisses, whilst looking forward to your giggles to the silly, fishy and farty sounds I make as I kiss your tummy, armpit and yes, your squishy bum-bum that doesn't smell so nice anymore as when you were a baby. 

To mama, you are still very much a baby and I'd trade anything in this world just to let you be. I treasure the moments when you pretend to be a baby squirrel or a puppy while you force me to be a mommy squirrel or mommy dog and chase you around as we play hide and seek. I treasure the moments you sit on my lap while I read your book of choice. I treasure the moments where we giggle to something daddy is dying to find out what secret is it that we can't stop laughing about, only to find out I yawned while reading and made a very funny sound that made you laugh so much as if I am the funniest human being on earth. 

I love how you always declare your preference of mama than papa although I secretly wish you'd grow closer to papa so that when I feel so tired and need some alone time, you'd ask papa to play and bond with you. However, on the rare occasions that you'd say papa only instead of your favourite line - I want mama only - , it makes me sappy. I am happy because my effort on pushing papa to spend more time with you is coming to fruition but I am sad because I secretly wish I will always be your most favourite person in the world. Yes, I am selfish like that but you understand right? Right! High five!

Speaking of high fives, I love it when you high five with ate (big sister) and laugh at us (papa and mama) because we don't know what is going on and that you both are in cahoots with something fishy. I love it when you spend sibling bonding time even when you ask me to go away. I go both awww and ouch! I love it when you laugh at me and call me silly mama, just the way I call you silly baby when you make me laugh at the funniest things you say and do. I should record those more often as I am becoming more and more forgetful as I grow older and you grow bigger. 

Here's an example which I quickly typed on my iPhone notes as soon as I was done laughing my heart out:

Scenario: A balloon popped!
K: Mom! You scared me!
G: I didn't get scared but I am a little bit shocked. 
MomME: Wow! You are so eloquent!
G: Yes
MomMe: Do you even know what eloquent means?
G: Yes, I know! Elephant, the zoo animal.

I. Can't. Stop. Laughing!

G, you are the funniest and the sweetest boy I have, I couldn't ask for any other form of little man in my life right now. Truth be told, you have stolen my heart from your dad. Not that he cares but sometimes he is a bit jealous that I am giving you all the love and attention that I should be giving him instead.

When mama tells you she is tired, you'd ask, "Did you work hard, mama? Next time don't work too hard ok?" My heart is so, so full it is actually overflowing from your purest love. 

At bedtime, you like playing I spy with my little eye, rhyming words, opposite words, which one doesn't belong to, words that starts with A-Z, and random games you come up with. 

One night, we played what is your favourite thing to do with... and here are your answers:

Tita Angie (nanny): drawing
Ate (big sister): playing
Dada: games (iPad)
Mama: kissing, hugging, massaging, reading books and playing also

I was so delighted with your answer that I hugged you so tight! That says a lot about me but I am not going to boast. Oh well, I just indirectly did but please forgive me. It gives me so much joy on how I am being loved by you. I pray to God you'll never find a woman who will eventually replace me in your heart. *silly grin*


With all the love my heart couldn't contain,

PS. Here are photos from your 5th birthday weekend staycation filled with lovely memories you can take with you for a lifetime. 

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