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G was weaned from baby bottles with silicon nipples before he turned 3 years old. We bought him a sippy bottle after that so that he can still drink milk when lying down. Just recently, we decided to wean him too from his sippy bottle. For a week, we let him drink milk from a cup just like how we adults drink milk or coffee from our favourite mugs. "You're a big boy now. You are turning 5 years old very soon," I reasoned.

I observed that within the one week trial period, G's milk intake greatly decreased. This was mainly because he likes drinking milk at bedtime which means he prefers drinking milk while lying down. Quite impossible to do when his milk is in a regular drinking cup. As a parent who constantly worries about my kids' nutritional intake, I just have to let G use his sippy bottle again.

Boy, he was thrilled and has been drinking more milk again. I am one happy mama!

That's his favourite sippy bottle complete with a silicon stopper that makes it leak free. We don't do steam sterilisation anymore like we used to with his baby bottles but I always make sure we have kid-friendly cleaning agent to keep his bottles clean and free from any toxin that could harm his well-being. 

FARLIN's Baby Bottle Wash you see on the photos above was sent to us by the kind folks of MummyBebeSG to try. I also use it to wash things we use for making snacks like these popsicle moulds. It gives me peace of mind knowing that even when the kids lick the popsicle stick, I am rest assured it was clean and toxin-free. 

Farlin's organic and eco-friendly baby bottle wash have anti-bacterial ingredients so it doubles up as a great toy wash too. This cleaning agent comes with PH 5.5 which makes it gentle to human skin. If you've seen the photo on my Instagram, you should know by now that it was G who gave his zoo animal friends a good bath using Farlin's baby bottle wash.

It was an instant work/play sensory learning experience for him. He had so much fun bathing the animals that he ended up asking me for more toys so I took out more dusty toys for him to play with wash. Guess who was more thrilled to get a weekend cleaning job done with a happy little helper? MomME of course! Heehee!

We were also given Farlin Baby Clothes Wash so while handwashing some of G's delicate clothes, I took the opportunity to wash G's precious baby clothes that I couldn't give away due to its sentimental value like his Christening outfit. If you have a baby, I highly recommend it to you as it has mild formula, making it hypoallergenic for babies. It also has natural stain remover extract, making it low foaming and leaves no residue. It is definitely gentle on sensitive baby skin.

More reasons to buy FARLIN CLEAN 2.0 baby friendly products:
  • recognized by ECOCERT, 100% natural source ingredients
  • not tested on animals 
  • Phosphate-free, Phosphorous-free and Flouresence-free
  • safe for septic tanks
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