Check Out These Caribbean Islands for a Secluded Escape

The Caribbean is one of the best parts of the world to visit for a laid-back vacation. It can also be the perfect place if you're searching for a secluded escape. There are larger islands that anyone can visit, which have quiet spots for you to hide away. There are also more exclusive island resorts, where you may even have to hire the whole island. But even if you can't afford the private resorts, there are some beautiful and relaxing Caribbean islands for you to explore. Check out these top picks if you want a tranquil escape.


Jamaica is one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean, and it has something for everyone. If you want to spend your time sampling the local cuisine, staying out late and enjoying live music, you can do that. However, it's also a great island if you want somewhere more secluded. You can easily find a quiet spot, although you will probably pay a little more for somewhere out of the way. If your perfect way to relax is by exploring local flora and fauna, there's plenty to see on Jamaica. You can get out and enjoy relaxing walk or a hike.


Nevis is the smaller neighbor of St Kitts, and may be a little too small for some. However, many people love its size and would much rather stay somewhere that's not too busy. Buying real estate in Nevis is popular, partly because it can get the property owner a St Kitts and Nevis passport. However, it's also the luxury homes and beautiful surroundings that bring people to Nevis. Many people stay on a regular basis, and perhaps forever. Many people see Nevis as an unspoiled treasure where they won't experience as many crowds as on other islands.


Vieques is a lesser-known island in the Caribbean, but it's one of the best for many. It's a small island and doesn't get as many visitors as others. If you prefer your island escapes to be quiet and secluded, Vieques might be the right one for you. You can find some spots of natural beauty, including the protected Mosquito Bay. Nature lovers often come to the island to explore and admire the unspoiled areas. You can find it off the coast of Puerto Rico and spend your time enjoying the island's beaches.


Anguilla's white beaches are one of its most popular draws. If you're looking for a quiet and relaxing vacation, it's one of the best Caribbean islands to choose. As a smaller island, it's easy to see the whole thing in a couple of days but finding a secluded spot isn't difficult. There are things to do too if you need anything to keep you occupied. The nightlife on the island might not be as wild as elsewhere. But it provides entertainment for those looking for it.

There are so many places to visit in the Caribbean that choosing the best island is next to impossible. But there are certainly some that are better for a quiet escape than others.

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