Simple Tips on How To Keep Your Garden & Equipment Clean

Keeping your garden clean can seem easier on some seasons, but when the weather is a little more extreme and you want to reduce the time and effort spent on cleaning, you need to be more efficient. Whether it is because of extreme cold or heat, in general it doesn’t hurt to have a few techniques to make cleaning your garden and the equipment there easier and quicker.

The idea is to have the right tools and making sure that much of your garden stays neat for longer. This means taking advantage of any possible storage spaces in the area. It will pay off in the long run more than you realize, and you will thank yourself later.

1. Wash With A Pressure Washer - Look for a high pressure washer for sale that will suit your needs in the garden. They need much less water than hoses as they rely on high pressure forces that sprays in smaller amounts compared to hose openings. The added pressure and strength also makes cleaning tough stains, grime and hardened dirt much easier and quicker than regular running water or scrubbing by hand. Save your hands the strain from all the rubbing and scrubbing and switch to using a pressure washer, it’s a wonderful long term investment.

2. Use A Leaf Blower - Forget just using a broom or even a garden rake, they take much longer and require more strength to operate. A leaf blower can clean away leaves and debris in your garden area in minimal time and without you needing to sway this way and that. Leaf blowers aren’t always expensive, they can come in cheaper prices and various sizes, pick one depending on the size and needs of your garden.

3. Make Rock Garden Areas - Among the most easy-to-maintain gardens are rock gardens. Traditionally of Japanese origin, the concepts behind these amazing                                         gardens are using white rocks or pebbles to replace grass and using large, tasteful boulders to replace flowers. Once put together they look unified and calm due to the neutral colours and the perceived large amount of space they present. If you can transform some parts of your garden (closures or edges) into rock garden areas, you will save yourself more cleaning efforts as there will be less dirt, dead flowers and leaves to clean.

4. Move Smaller Plants Indoors - If you happen to have a lot of small potted plants outside, you might want to invest in bringing them inside or at least installing them in indoor mini greenhouses. Especially during drab weather, they can bring a dash of spring and color to your home, when you need it the most.

5. Keep Equipment In Empty Pots - One of the best storage solutions in your garden that is waiting to be used is an empty pot. If you have several, that is even better. They can be a storage place for small tools, wound up hoses and even gloves. As long as they are under the shade you can line them up neatly, and though they are quite obvious to the eye, they will still look well-kept and reduce floor clutter.

Keeping your garden spick and span shouldn’t be a hassle, keep these tips in mind and soon you will be facing your next garden cleanup with a lot more confidence.

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