Get The Best Designer Culottes

There is something immensely glamorous about wearing comfortable and yet stylish clothes isn’t it? This is why people love to shop for culottes. Culottes have come into mainstream fashion yet again because:
  • They come in a wonderful array of choices.
  • Celebrities are wearing culottes almost everywhere.
  • Designer names are coming up with this garment as well.

So it does make sense for you to look for the best possible designer culottes pants for yourself. Here are a few points to keep in mind.

What are culottes
Traditionally, culottes are defined as knee length trousers for women but they are trousers with a difference – they look like skirts, thanks to the full or voluminous cut. While there are plenty of variations here in terms of length and even the volume of the cut – check out what style you like the best and then proceed. The most popular cut for culottes is calf-length.

Keeping it chic
It is easy to pull off a chic look with culottes. For instance, you could choose a simple black and white ensemble:
  • Black culottes.
  • White top – maybe with a small touch of color.
  • Black accessories including handbag and shoes.

The top
Your choice of tops can make or break your look. Crop tops, bustiers, flowy tops, T-shirts – there are plenty of choices here. Since the pants are pretty flowy, you could choose a tighter fit for your top. For instance, a crop top with your culottes looks rather neat.

This is such a difficult category simply because there are thousands of colors and prints available out there. So where do you start? Start with your favorite colors! Easy isn’t it? Once you have found ‘your burgundy’ culottes, then put together the rest of the ensemble. Culottes are a fun and dashing garment so you do not have to be stuck with rigid rules of choosing colors. For instance, you can easily pair a white top or a beige one with burgundy culottes. You can also go for a monochrome look and add color with your accessories.

The fun way to put together your perfect culottes look is experimentation. Once you have bought your designer culottes from an online store, you should try on the various tops and colors that you have and even bring in the accessories as well. You will quickly find a look that appeals to you more than everything else and voila – you have your signature style.

Wearing them to work
If your workplace allows you to experiment a bit with your office wear then culottes can easily fit into your professional wardrobe too. Here perhaps, you will have to be conservative as far as colors and prints are concerned. Or if you do choose printed culottes then tone down the accessories and the top that you wear. Formal shoes look great with culottes simply because the cut of the pants allows them to be shown off! So put on those ultra-chic shoes, slip on your culottes and your formal top and you are good to go.

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