Glow with Beauty Hope's Latest Dermashine 2 Facial

I've been really fortunate the past few months to have been invited to try a variety of facial treatments in different beauty and wellness establishments. Contrary to the belief of some people, not all bloggers jump into every opportunity of having a free service in exchange of a blog review just because it is FOC. Truth be told, I have been politely declining some product/service review invites because I couldn't find personal story angle to begin with.

For me, personal connection is vital for product and service reviews. I don't wish to come up with a half-hearted written review just because I was provided with the product or service for free. I paid twice for a facial package in the past because I strongly believe that self care is of high importance for busy working moms like myself. I advocate quality me-time to my fellow moms and if you've been reading my me-time articles here at Sweet Memoirs, it is not a secret to you that I do enjoy going for facial spa a lot and I don't mind investing some of my hard earned money in it. 

To be honest, we mom-slash-lifestyle bloggers put ourselves at stake just so we could review something valuable for our readers and friends. Every single time I go for a new facial treatment, I do some research on what I am going to subject my facial skin into. Luckily for me, I don't have a very sensitive skin so the possibility of me getting any allergic reaction to certain products commonly used in facial treatments is considered low.

Having said that, I went to try Beauty Hope's latest Dermashine 2 Facial Treatment sometime last month and loved every second of the pampering treatment I received. Beauty Hope was introduced to me by Joselyn of Got Ideas sometime ago. I did a review for their eyelash extension before and received great feedback from family and friends who saw/met me whilst I have the eyelash extensions on.

Here are some facts about the Dermashine 2 facial treatment provided by Beauty Hope:
STEP 1: Cleansing Gel

Magic Glow Cleansing Gel 
Removes the superficial layers of dead skin cells and eliminate sebum excess on the skin. Moisturizes and retains the natural skin's PH, thanks to the gentle engrdients. It is ideal for daily use and it promises to illuminate and brighten the skin.

A small amount of the Cleansing Gel was applied by Karen, my designated beautician, using circular movements with accompanying gentle massage for around 3 minutes. Right after, she rinsed my face thoroughly with water.

STEP 2: Enzyme Mask
Magic Glow Enzyme Mask
It contains highly active ingredients that are perfect to for my dull and uneven skin tone.The ingredients that include deionized water help to remove dull aging cells from the skin's outer layer. Benefits are numerous which include promotion of new cell growth leaving your skin brighter, smooth and glowing.

The enzyme mask was applied on my face avoiding the lip and eye area. It was left on my face for 10 minutes before rising it off with water. During the 10-minute waiting time, my beautician gave me a relaxing shoulder massage.

STEP 3: Pro Skin Shine
This shining essence helps to soften thickened skin and get rid of dead skin cells. It will eventually reveal new, fresher skin underneath and allow the face cream to better penetrate into the skin.

STEP 4: Aqua Paper Mask (Brightening and Hydrating Mask)
This formulation of concentrated vitamins A and C helps reduce the signs of premature ageing by enhancing the skin's natural repair process. The brightening mask also contains plant extracts that promote skin hydration. The mask was left on my face for good 20 minutes whilst I had another round of neck and shoulder massage.

STEP 5: S.O.S Survival Paper Mask (Hydrating and Soothing Mask)
This mask is an excellent source of hydrolized oat protein that helps rehydrates dry, stressed skin and promotes suppleness.

STEP 6: Hydra Intensive Toner
Magic Glow Hydra Intensive Toner
The toner helps condition the skin and prepare for proper moisture absorption when you apply over after cleansing and before applying your moissturizer.

STEP 7: Ultralift Essence
Magic Glow signature product, Ultralift Essence has trace element and organic acid found in plants that gently exfoliates facial skin and helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle.

What are the overall benefits you get from having Dermashine 2 facial treatment?

  • appearance of wrinkles is reduced
  • immediate lifting effect
  • deep cleansing, reduced pores and sebum
  • improved skin clarity/lightened pigmentation
  • skin brightening
  • skin cell renewal
  • water therapy/skin hydration
  • increased skin elasticity and firmness
I left Beauty Hope Ang Mo Kio branch feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, not forgetting to mention feeling more beautiful with hydrated, lighter, firmer and supple skin. The first photo you see on top of this post was taken right after my treatment.

Simply quote "Cherry" and enjoy this cutting edge technology beauty treatment at only $68 (Usual Price $389). *T&C apply. For more information visit Beauty Hope's website at

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About Beauty Hope: Incorporated in 2007 with the inspiration to enhance the beautiful confidence for more people, Beauty Hope launched its One-Stop Beauty Solutions Hub in Singapore. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in facial beauty and skin care, slimming and massage therapists Ms Cherry Lok has earned many accolades in Skincare, Slimming and Wombcare services for Beauty Hope. 

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