38 and Feeling Great

Despite all the negative signs of ageing, I feel great at 38! To commemorate this special milestone, here are things about being 38:
  • 38 is realizing I have no more strength to deal with drama, conflict or any kind of intensity
  • at 38, all I need to feel blessed is my complete and healthy family around me
  • 38 is knowing who are your real friends, for keeps
  • 38 is not having a care in the world about what people think about you
  • at 38, off-shoulder is the only way to dress sexy
  • 38 is the age when I finally realized that age isn't just a number. I started to get sickly and it sucks to know it is part and parcel of ageing.
  • 38 is when you start to do more beauty and wellness regime not because you love to, but because you have to
  • 38 is when you realize it is so darn difficult to lose weight no matter how you eat less
  • 38 is when you start realizing you get tired too easily
  • 38 is when you start watching what you eat
  • 38 is when you'd rather sleep than staying up late to blog
  • 38 is when you'd prefer spending lazy days at home than spending a tiring day out
  • 38 is when you value more gift of experience rather than material gifts
  • 38 is when you start to value people that aren't toxic to deal with
At 38, I am extremely grateful to God because:
  • I have a complete family I have always wished for
  • I have a safe and cosy home
  • I have a steady source of income (full-time and part-time)
Giving back all the glory to God for all my wonderful blessings in the past 37 years! I have everything I will ever need, what more can I ask for? Nothing else but good health for my family and many more birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate with them. 

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