5 Anniversary Gift Ideas for Practical Husbands

Every time my wedding anniversary is fast approaching, I'd scratch my head on what to buy my hard-working spouse. Next month, we are celebrating our 9th year as cat and dog husband and wife. Although we have a lot of differences and we are typically like cat and dog in many aspects, I can safely say that we deeply love each other and that we got each other's back no matter what.

Despite feeling like we are world's apart at times, we vowed to stick to each other and make this complicated thing called marriage. After all, it is true that opposite attracts. We have different preferences and philosophies in life but we do our best to understand each other's wants and needs, compromise and meet halfway.

Having said that, I, on one hand, prefers thoughtful gifts like a pampering couple spa, a once in a lifetime experience like island hopping tour, a surprise staycation booking or a family travel package. On the other hand, my husband prefers practical gifts that he can physically use/utilize. If you have a husband like mine, here are my top 5 anniversary gift ideas:

1) A Luxury Watch
Simply because he is so practical he won't buy an expensive watch. Haha! I gifted him a silver automatic high quality watch on our 5th anniversary 4 years ago and he loved it too much that he uses it every single day. Thankfully, it is still in great condition because he takes good care of it. I wish to give him another watch so that he can use the two watches on alternate days. I am eyeing Fossil's grant three-hand automatic watch. If you've seen their collection, please let me know if you have other recommendation.

2) A Body Bag
Whenever we go window shopping, my husband never fails to check the bag section. In one of our past anniversaries, I got him a backpack with an optional roller that he can use for work because he tend to bring our whole house to work everyday. Okay, that is pure exaggeration but you get the picture. He ended up not using the roller function of the backpack at all as he still prefers to carry the bag on his back. To stop him from carrying a 5kg heavy bag to work, I wish to buy him a body bag instead that will only accommodate his work essentials like phone, wallet, a planner and other stuff like power bank, pens.

3) A Running Shoes
My husband likes to jog occasionally so to encourage him to jog more often, I wish to buy him a new pair of running shoes. In our age, we need to pay more attention to our well-being. We are not getting any younger anymore and we rely to each other to give motivation to keep fit and healthy. Jogging regularly will greatly help improved my hubby's health.

4) A Water Bottle
I am not referring to just a regular water bottle but the Citrus Zinger water bottle. My husband needs to drink more lemon water to help in his weight loss journey and keep his blood pressure normal. It is said that lemons help keep blood vessels soft and pliable and by removing any rigidity, high blood pressure will be reduced.

5) An Exercise Machine
I have been eyeing an exercise machine, particularly stationary bicycle for the longest time. I know it sounds selfish but I wish to buy him one so that I could benefit from it as well. Hubby and I are both busy with our full-time jobs so sometimes, we don't have time to go outdoors to exercise. Also, have I mentioned here before that I don't know how to ride a bike?

Oooookaaaay! I will leave you to laugh out loud and make fun of me but if you happen to have more ideas on what to buy for a practical husband, do leave your suggestions in the comment box.

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