I Got My Thigh Gap Back with Expression's Detonix

If you zoom my lower limb on the photo above, you can spot unsightly traces of cellulite in my thigh area. I have always been upfront about having huge thighs but many people won't believe me because when I post photos in any of my social media accounts, I carefully pick the ones that doesn't show how big they are. To be honest, I've sort of become an expert when in comes to angle play and also strategically placing my bag/hand/throw pillow or anything in my thigh area during photo opp. Case in point: In the photo above, I used my other hand to cover my thigh.

Want me to show you how huge my thighs actually are?

This! I did not post it in my Facebook or Instagram mainly because it shows how big my thighs are. If G wasn't with me, I would have placed my hand somewhere to hide my big thighs but I had to hold his hand to make sure he won't fall down. Safety comes before vanity, my husband always remind me. Of course I won't compromise my son's safety too and truth be told, I am not THAT vain.

My huge thighs don't bother me that much but I do start panicking whenever I lose my thigh gap. I would do all sorts of slimming secrets like giving up rice entirely and going for a few days detox. Recently though, my overall health deteriorated significantly that whenever I start eating less carbohydrate and try to detox, I get really sick. Sign of ageing? I guess so but I am still in denial.

My motto lately was, "I rather get fat than get sick". Oh the irony! Isn't it unhealthy to get fat too? Sigh! Thankfully, Expressions Wellness Centre came to the rescue and offered me to get a Detonix done to help me get rid some of the stubborn cellulite around my thigh area.

How does Detonix work?

Detonix use a patented formula cream which is activated by the multi-polar Thermal Blanket to provide you a safe, pleasant, and relaxing experience to achieve the curve and contour you desire.

Here's how my experience went:

1) Taking of BEFORE measurement

2) Application of patented formula cream all over my body

3) Body wrap

4) Thermal body wrap for 30 minutes.

5) Taking of AFTER measurement

I had a pleasant and relaxing 30 minutes because even though it felt very hot being wrapped in a Thermal Blanket, they made sure I won't get dehydrated by letting me sip on detox water during the treatment.

Please don't be grossed out but I just had to show you the following photos as an evidence on how effective my treatment was:
In just half-an-hour, I got my thigh gap back! How awesome is that?

My before and after measurements shows:
  • I lost 4.5cm on my waist
  • I lost 2cm on my adomen
  • I lost 6cm on my hip
  • I lost 1.5cm on my right thigh
  • I lost 2cm on my left thigh
Imagine if I go for the treatment regularly? I'd probably be able to wear bikini with greater confidence.

Detonix-S System treats excessive cellulite around your body by removing toxicity from fat cells. This detoxification process is safe and painless and leaves the skin looking toned, firm and tight, contributing to a natural contoured body and an improvement in overall appearance.

Main benefits:
  • dramatically reduce cellulite and detoxified body
  • takes off inches away from waist, hips and thighs
  • lowered fat contents and improved circulation that leads to overall healthier body
I was invited to try the Detonix-S treatment with complimentary body wrap. Results may vary individually, try at your own risk and do remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the key to keeping fit and fab.
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  1. Wow that's really a lot of difference. But I find that with fast results like these, usually ppl gain weight pretty fast as well. The best is to eat clean and do exercises

  2. its really work! i want to try soooo

  3. looks wonderful and would like to try to. I have chubby thighs and do play tricks too when taking pics. anyhow, I would also opt for some thigh exercises at home too to maintain the result! ^^

  4. you don't look like you need to visit slimming salon in the first place! and my thigh measurement is bigger than you too. i've personally tried a few slimming places and sad to say results aren't permanent as it's mostly water loss. :(

    1. I did it more for detoxification. Should maintain a healthy lifestyle after the treatment.

  5. This procedure is interesting, and I didn't know that there are many who become very conscious with the thigh gap. I should check mine :D

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