Bebemi Organic Korean Snacks Review

We received a box of Bebemi organic Korean snacks for review and G almost wouldn't allow me to take photos first because he wanted to eat them right away. Snacking in our family is a big business. We eat snack in between breakfast and lunch, in between lunch and dinner and yes, we snack too after dinner! I can hear your "what?" reactions loudly! Haha!

The question is, what do we usually give the kids for snacks? You can now breath a sigh of relief as I divulge that we stock up on fruits, nuts and other healthy snacks all the time. I mix chunks of fresh fruits in a pancake, cereal, yogurt and our homemade jams. Nuts are great for snacks on the go. Having said that, of course we also indulge in not-so-healthy snacks once in a while. We are humans who can't completely resist all temptations after all.

Nevertheless, it is great to discover healthier choice of snacks like Bebemi. Here are the main things we really love about it:
  • no salt
  • no sugar
  • no color
  • no synthetic additives
  • no preservatives
  • non oil treatment
You can enjoy natural taste and aroma of whole grains and vegetables, and feel the difference. 

Here are the selection we tried:

1) Bebemi Rice Cake
Our family is a big fan of Korean rice cakes. On weekends, I would drop by at a Korean restaurant to get our weekly fix. G however, could not eat as we always go for spicy rice cake. Imagine G's delight that he can now finally eat these healthy rice cakes. He almost refused to share!

2) Bebemi Stick
I tell you this is a great and healthy alternative to unhealthy French fries dipped in softserve icecream. I let G try it dipping in his favourite yogurt and he loved it!

3) Bebemi Petite
Instead of giving G his usual chocolate-flavoured cereal for breakfast, I served him this in a bowl filled with fresh milk. "It's "masarap" (Tagalog word for delicious) mama!", he quipped.

4) Bebemi Ring
This is G's favourite from all of the above Bebemi snacks we tried. It smells great and taste great too. He consumed it on its own but it is also perfectly paired with fresk milk or eat as yogurt toppings. 

Here are some facts about Bebemi:
  • It comes with zip lock to ensure freshness
  • Best enjoyed as breakfast cereal or yogurt toppings
  • The number indicated on the top right hand of the packet is the required age of the child in order to consume
  • All Bebemi snacks are not baked or fried. Don't be surprised if the texture is not cruchy especially for the rice cake. It's unique texture melts immediately after touching the saliva, so it doesn't cause choking nor it will stick to your teeth.
  • The right size of the biscuits allows the baby to grip nicely. This promotes their brain development, motor skills development and gum/tooth development
Selling price: $8.90 per packet
Bundle price: 2 packets for $15 at exclusive retailers

Exclusive retailers: All OG and BHG departmental stores, 1010 Mother and Child and Totsworld website (

Coming soon at Redmart!

Buy 2 packets for $14
Buy 4 packets for $28 and get FREE 1 packet
Key in the code MEMOIRS during checkout. 

Happy snacking! 

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