How To Find The Best Trampoline In The Market

Technology is an incredibly helpful tool for parents trying to raise their children in today's fast-paced world. However, one major downside is that it often enables an inactive, sedentary lifestyle that's not healthy for anyone, particularly when it comes to children. Luckily, one company has paved the way forward with the goal of using technology to promote and enhance physical activity in a fun, exciting way.

Committed to making a positive difference, one company has set out to make the 
best trampolines for kids
 and adults alike, literally redesigning the traditional trampoline model from the ground up. Springfree has joined forces with game designer tgoma to create the world's first smart trampoline. It combines the fun of trampolines with the interaction capabilities of digital game technology, resulting in a unique outdoor digital experience that's capable of restoring kids' love for active entertainment. Designed for both kids and adults, the tgoma game system offers a fun challenge that doubles as an effective physical workout. Apart from providing games, the tgoma game system allows users to track activity, participate in events, set goals and compare high scores with other jumpers all over the world. The result is a rich and comprehensive multi-functional platform that expands the potential of digital games onto a whole new canvas.

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Springfree Trampoline is also committed to offering a safe trampoline alternative, using state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge materials in order to provide jumpers with an ergonomic, dynamic experience that's also perfectly safe. With a worryingly high number of trampoline-related injuries every year, the main focus of the design is to target 3 major impact zones — the springs, the frame, and the ground — and effectively prevent the jumper from coming into contact with them.

It’s incredibly shock-absorbent SoftEdge mat is surrounded by the FlexiNet, effectively creating a safe 360 degree jumping zone without rigid poles or dangerously exposed components. By greatly reducing contact with the three most common impact zones found on regular trampolines, this product ensures a fun the risk of pinching and cutting, the smart trampoline uses flexible composite experience without the potential of harmful accidents. In order to eliminate hidden beneath the jumping surface, ensuring that jumpers will never become in rods instead of springs, and at the same time, both the frame and the rods are contact with them.

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