Cheers, Let's Drink! Caffé B's New Cocktail Menu

Side Story: You may skip and jump to the main story if you are pressed with time.

My very first encounter with liquor was on my 18th Birthday celebration. Yes! Just when I was at legal age to consume any alcoholic beverage. I could still vividly remember how I instantly turned into a talkative young lady from being a demure, strangely quiet, and innocent looking teenager after a few sips. The exact feeling was liberating! I thought it was the end of my boring teenage life and oh boy, was I right! 

Disclaimer: I never got addicted to alcohol. I became an occasional and responsible drinker all throughout my university days. I made unforgettable and fun memories with my classmates in the dental infirmary because of that. No wild transformations of sort ever happened, I just turn into an overly chatty lady every single time I sip a little too much. LOL.

Main Story:

Fast-forward to life after kids, opportunity to drink an alcoholic beverage has become sparse. I only get to drink when I am either with the hubby celebrating our anniversary or I am with blogger friends attending an event. Basically happens twice, or if I am in luck, maybe thrice a year! 

Having said that, I took the opportunity to go "drinking" and have a wee bit of me-time at Caffé B sometime last month. 

Upon arrival, we were served with a glass of freshly concocted drink to "cleanse" our palate.

Below are five of Caffé B's new cocktail menu paired with their signature culinary delights.

1) Yuzu Mojito
A refreshing spin on the classic Mojito made with fragrant Japanese yuzu plum, lemon, brown sugar crystals, mint leaves and sprite.

Perfectly paired with:


  • Scallops Carpaccio - thinli slice Hokkaido Scallop drizzled with Yuzu vinaigrette and served with dragon fruit, orange, pomelo, and shiso.

  • Italian Cold Cut - Prosciutto di Parma, Chorizo, Bresaola, Mortadella with pickles and Focaccia bread.

2) Ume Gin
A rich, sweet concoction with Umeshu plum wine, aromatic Bombay Sapphire gin, simple syrup and fresh lemon juice.

Perfectly paired with: 

  • Spaghetti Carbonara - following the most authentic recipe, pork bacon, Parmesan cheese, abundant black pepper and egg yolk. The cheesiest and yummiest carbonara I've ever had. The cheese lover in me died and went to cheese heaven!

  • Risotto Singapore - chili crab inspired risotto with seared scallop. Comfort food for me! 

3) Sake Cucumber
An invigorating cocktail featuring authentic Kikumasamune sake, cool minced cucumber, brown sugar and lychee juice.

Perfectly paired with: 


  • Pernod King Prawns - pan-fried King Prawns in Pernod butter sauce topped with caviar, butter-glazed asparagus, wild mushrooms and balsamic reduction. All my favourite food in a plate! Gastronomic indulgence at its finest!

4) Berrytini
A delicious Martini with Absolut Raspberry vodka, triple sec liqueur, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice and raspberries. My cocktail of choice for the night along with Yuzu Mojito.

Perfectly paired with:

  • Wagyu al Porto - Wagyu striploin in a Port wine sauce served with mashed potato and sauteed baby spinach. Oh my, it melts in the mouth! So, so good!

  • Queen Margherita - a classic Neapolitan thin-crusted pizza with Pomodoro tomato based sauce, extra virgin olive oil, Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves.

  • I am Crazy in Singapore - tomato sauce, Kurobuta bacon, egg, Mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, deep fried chili chorizo, prawns, green olives, fresh mushroom, asparagus, topped with Thousand Island dressing and Caffé B's secret spice sauce.

5) Espresso Martini
A decadent and delicious Martini with Bombay Sapphire gin, one shot of espresso, kalua, creme de cacao white and simple syrup. 

Perfectly paired with:
  • The classic Italian Tiramisu done a la Minute
The night was definitely a gastronomic indulgence like no other. I haven't had cocktail paired with delectable culinary delights in a long time so I tremendously enjoyed it.

With the Cheers Singapore 2017, you get the enjoy the following at Caffe B:
  • 1 for 1 on bottle of house wine
  • 2 for 2 on glasses of cocktails
  • 1 on 1 on glasses of house beverage and
  • 3x 1 for 1 main course via Entertainer Singapore 2017
 Cheers, let's drink and indulge in moderation!

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue , #B1-15 and #01-83
Contact no.: 6887 3311

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