Fruit Juice: Benefits to the Body

We have the habit of consuming aerated beverages along with our food. This can cause a huge buildup of sugar in the body. The best alternative to aerated drinks is fresh fruit juice. We place great emphasis on the world ‘fresh’. This is because you get the processed and canned fruit juices in the market as well. They are simply as good as or as bad as the aerated drinks are.

Processed fruit juices have a high content of sugar as well. Therefore, one should consume as many quantities of fresh fruit juice as possible. Fresh fruit juice has its own advantage over the processed and canned juices. We shall learn the benefits of fresh fruit juices in general without concentrating on any one fruit during the course of this article.

Immunity boost:
Usually, all fruit juices contain a high proportion of Vitamin C. This Vitamin C is the primary antioxidant in our body. They help to fight off the free radicals and thereby boost the immune system of our body.

One can also find abundant quantities of Vitamin A in addition to the Vitamin C content. Hence, you can infer that the fruit juices have detoxifying properties. Vitamin A is very good for the eyes. Hence, consuming a regular dose of fruit juice enhances your eyesight.

Improve circulation:
Fruit juices have a high content of folate. This entails that they have good quantities of Vitamin Bg in them. The main function of this vitamin is building the DNA. The folate content also keeps the cells safe from mutation. Folate has another important function as well. They are instrumental in the building of new red blood cells. This ensures that every part of the body gets its regular supply of oxygenated blood.

Anti-inflammatory properties:
Whenever we speak of fruit juices, citrus fruit juices are some of the first juices that come to mind. Citrus juices have great anti-inflammatory properties. Consumption of high sugar foods and meat can cause inflammation of body parts. They can also develop the resistance to insulin making the body prone to diabetic attacks. The citrus juices reduce the inflammation and thus protect the heart and the liver in an indirect fashion.

You have seen four benefits of fruit juices. However, one should understand that the whole fruit always has a higher amount of fiber than the juices. 

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