Hammock Day Out with Yeo's Natural

It's been a while since we last had a picnic by the beach so I took the opportunity to bring my family for outdoor fun at Yeo's Hammock Day Out yesterday. It was held at one of our favourite parks in Singapore, East Coast Park. Having lived in the East since the day we landed our feet in the Little Red Dot almost 12 years ago, we frequent this long stretch of sandy beach that offers invigorating and exciting diversity of sports activities, plethora of dining options and family-friendly recreational activities like sand castle building, kite flying, cycling, camping and more.

It was a beautiful sunny day albeit extra warmer. Thankfully, we were provided with lovely hammocks to sit back, relax and enjoy a picnic under the shade of the swaying coconut palms. We were also given free flow of Yeo's 100% Natural Coconut Water to keep ourselves hydrated whilst basking under the sun.

Photo props were provided for us to take fun shots for our family. We only had one hammock, luckily mom-me remembered to bring extra picnic mat so I was saved from having to play a referee from the kids fighting over a good spot to play. I got them to take turns calling the hammock their territory and declare, do not disturb. How clever can a mom be? Haha!

Of course, our family fun day out wouldn't be complete without my husband and I stealing some couple time! Hubby and I drink coconut water almost every day so imagine our delight drinking free flow of Yeo's 100% Natural Coconut Water! We've tried it before and love its natural and refreshing taste. Definite no sugar added, you only savour the natural sweetness of a fresh coconut water. We have yet to convince the kids to follow our suit but we will get there in time. The secret to convincing the kids enjoy a healthy drink or food (particularly vegetables and fruits) we love is to just keep letting them try.

We played games and won prizes (will share photos of us playing after downloading from hubby's phone), ate delicious and freshly grilled satay dipped with Yeo's very own delectable satay sauce, and lazed around so we could catch the beautiful sunset.

Thank you Yeo's Natural for the lovely and fun-filled Hammock Day Out. Our family made more precious memories to add in the first pages of our 2017. To God be the Glory!

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