How I achieved Fitness Success with Exercise and a Diet Plan

I used to be fat, bordering on obese a few years ago. I was an active person while in school and college but when I started working I did not get the time or to put it rightly I did not make the time for any fitness activity. The gorging on food and drink and took a toll and before I knew it I was fat.

A trip to the doctor and she told me that I had to exercise and make changes to my diet or I would be falling into the black hole of obesity related illnesses. It was an eye opener. I did not want to be known as a diabetic or a person with high cholesterol and thus started my fitness journey which I am enunciating below:

I knew that exercise was the most important for my fitness goal and I started exercising with utmost zeal. The most difficult part initially was getting up early. I had this bad habit of going to bed late and getting up late. So when I had to get up early I was stressed for the first few days but after a week or so my body clock had changed and I was up and ready for the challenge ahead. The initial days of exercise also had my muscles aching. Not just a few muscles, in fact my whole body was aching like hell. But over time the ache disappeared and was replaced with a pleasantness which is something only avid fitness enthusiasts experience. 

My fitness trainer had prescribed exercises which were different each day. Each muscle group was exercised twice in a week. For three times in a week I did exercises for the core muscles which included squats, planks, sit ups and much more. Every day I had to do cardio exercises for 40 minutes. The severity of the cardio exercises was increased every week and by the time I finished cardio I was usually huffing and puffing like the wolf in the three little pigs’ story. Sundays were rest days which I craved for initially but once my body got used to the physical activity I no longer craved for it, in fact I started waiting for the week to begin so that I could exercise.

Along with exercise I had to change my food habits and hence I had to decide on a diet plan. There are many diet plans that a person can try such as the Paleo diet plan, Whole30 diet plan, Fat burning diet and much more. I opted to go for the Whole30 diet plan because it was a 30 day diet plan and the foods that I liked could be eaten and most of the foods that I do not like were in the list of foods that should not be eaten. I love meat, seafood and eggs and I was allowed to eat them. I love vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and fruits like apples and grapes which were part of foods that I could eat. All these made me opt for the plan.

The combination of exercise and the diet plan helped me succeed in achieving my fitness goals. I am a lot leaner, I feel less stressed, I do not huff and puff every time I take the stairs and in short I am loving life in general.

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