7 Reasons to Choose a Domestic Holiday Instead of Going Abroad

When people think about their future holiday plans they usually conjure up images of exotic locations and totally new cultures. Although travelling abroad for your holiday has its advantages, you shouldn’t neglect potential travel destinations in your own country.

A domestic holiday can let you see your home nation in a totally new light and there’s often plenty to see, no matter how long you’ve been living there. If you’re planning your next trip, here are a few reasons to choose a location a little closer to home.

Local appreciation

Flipping through glossy travel magazines or watching documentaries on television can make it seem like all the most fascinating things to see and do are located somewhere else. This fixation on visiting somewhere new can naturally push our thoughts to somewhere abroad, but that needn’t be the case. A domestic trip gives you the opportunity to show some appreciation for some nearby wonders, whether it’s a local beach or taking a short drive to a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

No language barrier

Although it can be quite amusing struggling through a menu in a foreign language, not speaking the local dialect can make it difficult to fully appreciate your travel destination. By sticking to a domestic vacation, the only barrier you’ll encounter is struggling with the regional accents.

Miss out on jet lag

No need to go through airport security, no need to suffer an in-flight meal, and certainly no jet lag - when it comes to travelling, a staycation has its perks. You can choose to travel by public transport, car or organise a private bus party. Visit the Apple Store to see what travel apps are available to help you on your domestic trip.

You can bring the whole family

When travelling abroad, there’s usually one member of the family that always misses out – your pet. Instead of having to pay for a pet-sitter, travelling within your own country lets you take any four-legged friends along with you.

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Bring as much baggage as you want

There’s no need to worry about how you’re going to cope without your hair straightener for a week if you take a domestic holiday. With no baggage restrictions you can take as little or as much as you want – providing it will all fit in the car.

Keep it short and sweet

When you’re travelling longer distances, you feel the need to spend at least a week on holiday to truly appreciate your new surroundings. With a domestic holiday, you don’t even need to book time off work. A weekend city break can be a great way of recharging your batteries while exploring somewhere new.

It’s better for the planet

Flying is one of the biggest contributors towards greenhouse gases, which makes choosing to go abroad a difficult decision from an environmental point of view. Travelling by car produces less CO2 and usually covers a shorter distance, making it the greener option.

If you’re not sure where to go on your next holiday, perhaps take a look at where you haven’t been that is a reasonable driving distance away. Although travelling abroad has its benefits, a staycation offers domestic bliss.

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