Welcome to The Future of Your Home

I love technology, I love home living, and I absolutely adore when these two ideas collide. That’s why I’m thrilled by the fancy new tech that will be coming to our home over the next few years. There’s everything from new entertainment tech to incredible security features and additional home comforts. So, what is the future of home life? Well, if you’ve ever been to Epcot you might already know. I say that because at one point the ideas presented there seemed preposterous and absurd. Now, it looks like good old Walt was right on the money.

Home Control Out Of Your Hands

The coolest affordable home control tech on the market right now allows you to use your tablet or your phone to select different house settings. This can be anything from the level of light in the room to what music plays at the time you come in from work. Right now you have to fiddle with the settings and do all this yourself. It’s still impressive, but it’s not quite at the level of home control that we were promised by science fiction writers. Brace yourself, though, because that promise is going to be fulfilled. Now, there is new, AI home control systems in development and this really is the future. Rather than setting things up yourself, this AI will learn who you are. It will then set up the home as you think you want it. It will learn based on your behavior. So, if you consistently run down stairs in the morning to turn up the heating, soon you won’t need to. One day you’ll wake up to find the house at the perfect temperature.

You’ll Never Felt More Secure

Have you seen The Purge films? Not for the faint hearted but an interesting look at the future of home security. The shutter came down across the windows, the doors locked digitally and the cameras recorded absolutely everything. Believe it or not, all these tech and features are already on the market and readily available. Granted they are usually purchased by the super rich, but you do occasionally see a modest family home with window shutters. It makes you wonder what they’re trying to protect and the answer is simple. They want to know their family is safe because the number of break-ins are actually on the rise. So it’s a good job tech developers are here to help with security you can trust. To find out more, check out some reviews from a company such as Security Camera System Pro.

I, Robot...Will Clean Your Home

I hope you’re not too scared of robotics because they are coming. There is tech in development right now and even already on the market that has AI. We’re not talking about cyborgs that will be able to take your kids to school. Instead by 2025, there’s going to be tech that cleans your home for you and even makes little repairs without you noticing. The only question is, what on earth are you going to do all day? Anything you want, that’s what!

It seems then that the home is going to look and feel completely different in the future. I for one can not wait for these cool improvements in home living to arrive.

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