KidsSTOP™ and IMDA Launched Playmaker Studio

Are you looking for a dedicated space for your pre-schoolers to play and tinker? Here's a great news I want to share with you! On the 26th of January 2016, Science Centre, in collaboration with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) launched Playmaker Studio @ KidsSTOP™.

As a mom, I strongly advocate play and learn concept for children. In G's dedicated play area at home, you'll spot a number of things that encourage him to play and learn at the same time. No more prize in guessing, G loved the concept of Playmaker Studio. The studio is a safe and conducive environment for children to create things sparked by their wild imagination including handmade toys.

During our visit at the studio, the kids were encouraged to create a cannon ball toy they could use for targeting and hitting objects like a tower of cups. The children's play and learning experience was augmented by the facilitated workshop and programmes conducted by KidsSTOP™'s educators. Needless to say, G had so much fun!

At Playmaker Studio, children are given the freedom and liberty to create something using recycled materials like card boards, tissue paper rolls, ice scream sticks, paper plates, stirrers, strings, etc. The above collage shows the things created by the children who visited the studio during the launch.

Apart from the newly launched Playmaker Studio, here are more reasons to visit KidsSTOP™:

  • Learn how to appreciate and protect nature.
  • Pretend play as a pilot.
  • Pretend play as a Chef, cashier or do grocery shopping at KidsSTOP™ dedicated kitchen and supermarket area.
  • Pretend play as a Paleontologist at the Dino Pit.
  • Learn about parts of the human body.
  • Learn about the Four Seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn).
  • Pretend play as an Astronaut.
  • Learn about the Solar System.
  • Conquer kids' fear of height at Giant J.
  • Improve your kids' navigation skills at Dream Climber.

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