Less Mess, More Fun with The EZPZ Happy Mat

Side Story: You are excused to skip this and jump to the main story if you are pressed with time.

My 5y/o boy, who's traits and personality are quite similar with mine, loves surprises. Sometimes when I come home from work, he'd greet me at the door saying, "Close your eyes, mommy! I have a surprise for you!"

Of course, I always happily oblige. Whilst I close my eyes, he'd say "Not yet, not yet!", a cue that I shouldn't peep yet until he gives me the go signal to finally open my eyes and take a look at his surprise. Oftentimes, his surprise is a drawing that makes me go awwwww and give him my sweetest hugs and kisses instantaneously.

As a token of appreciation for all his sweet gestures, I also make extra effort to surprise him whenever I can. And because I am a full-time working mom, I do so on weekends. There was one weekend I surprised him with a freshly cleaned and reorganized play area and he was so thrilled, he played right away upon waking up whilst I cook his breakfast.

Main Story:

Speaking of breakfast, I love preparing G's breakfast personally on weekends. Last Sunday, he slept in until 11am so I had plenty of time to prepare him a fancy schmancy breakfast set up. The secret to a successful surprise is keeping in mind what the surprise receiver likes the most. Case in point: Photo below consists of G's current favorites:

  • orange
  • elephant
  • grapes
  • scrambled egg with cheese
  • shadow play
  • word play
  • his new EZPZ Happy Mat in lime from MumsPick
I added the little sprinkler with cactus because G loves plants and the word  B R E A K F A S T because he is also into spelling nowadays. He woke up so happy upon seeing my lovely set up. On other days, you don't even see him smiling when he wakes up because he'd claim he is still sleepy. 

It helped so much that The EZPZ Happy Mat came in a smiley face design and vibrant colour. Instant mood lifter for grumpy "Just-woke-up, I-don't-want-to-eat" type of kids. With it, G had a very happy mealtime experience. Achievement unlocked! 

Apart from the positive and happy mealtime experience, here are more things I love (and all moms out there would surely love too!) about The EZPZ Happy Mat:
  • It is an all-in-one placemat + plate that captures your kids' mess which means less cleaning work for mommies! 
  • It suctions directly to the table, making it nearly impossible for tiny hands to tip over. No more accidentally spilling the food all over the table!
  • The Happy Mat is made of 100% food grade silicone that is BPA, BPS, PVC, latex and phthalate free so you are rest assured it's really safe!
  • It promotes self-feeding and help kids develop fine motor skills. Perfect for infants and toddlers!
  •  It is stackable up to 3-4 mats, easy to store and built to last.
Do look out for the EZPZ brand name as the product is most likely sourced from another manufacturer without the logo. Other manufacturer may not be compliant with regulatory requirements. EZPZ works hard to maintain the highest and most rigorous standards for safety, non-toxic materials and quality.

Now, here's the good news! In collaboration with MumsPick, we are giving away this Berry limited edition of The Happt Mat to one of our lucky readers over at Instagram!

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UPDATE: 24 February 2017

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  1. Wow that mat looks nice! And in such lovely colours!

  2. I remember using a similar mat for my kids and it was super convenient and easy to use without a mess.