Why Your Bed Is the Most Important Piece of Furniture in Your Home

You spend one third of your life in bed. Each day you’ll spend more time between the sheets than you’ll spend doing any other single activity, but all too often the importance of a good bed is overlooked. That’s a mistake.
Sleep and Good Health Are Intricately Linked

Poor quality sleep does more than just leave you tired and grouchy the following day. If you don’t sleep well, you can harm your health.

Research shows that people who get less than six hours of quality sleep per night are at a higher risk of becoming obese and of developing chronic health issues like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and depression. What’s more, sleep deprivation can affect your ability to drive safely, which puts you, your passengers, and other road users at risk every day. Losing two hours of sleep makes you as dangerous behind the wheel as a drunk driver.

How to Choose the Right Bed Frame

Think about your needs. What size bed is going to give you the best night's sleep?

If you’re planning to have a family, then you’ll benefit from having a larger bed that enables everyone to sleep comfortably without being squashed up. Young children often want to spend at least part of the night in with mum and dad, especially when they don’t feel well or when they’ve had a bad dream, and a standard double is far too small for this. A king-size bed is better, but it's still too small to provide enough space for undisturbed sleep, so (if your bedroom is big enough) choose a super king.

Since kids love to treat beds like an indoor trampoline, make sure that you pick a sturdy bed that won’t collapse. Take a look at Revival Beds super king size wooden beds to get an idea of the beautiful beds on offer in this size.
A quality bed frame will also help your mattress to last longer because good bed frames support the mattress in the right places and alleviate some of the strain that it has to deal with.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Buying a cheap mattress is never a good idea, and buying a mattress that you haven’t had the opportunity to test out is a bad idea, too.

Go along to the mattress store when you have plenty of time to try out the different mattresses. Don’t just sit on the mattress, you should kick off your shoes and lie down. Test the mattress with your sleeping partner in your usual sleeping position; if you normally sleep on your side or on your front, it’s no use lying on your back because you won’t get a true feel for the mattress.

Side sleepers usually find that sprung mattresses offer the best support, as do front sleepers who would end up enveloped by a memory foam mattress. Back sleepers however, will be equally comfortable on memory foam or springs.

A good bed frame and the right mattress work together harmoniously, supporting your body while you sleep and ensuring that you wake up the next day well rested and ready to face whatever the day throws your way.

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