Small Home? Creative Ways To Make It Feel Larger

If you’ve not yet heard of the tiny house movement, then you should, because it’s taking off in a big way. Essentially, people are voluntarily choosing to do away with massive amounts of space and instead opting for much smaller abodes. A tiny house is an extreme example of this type of minimalist living, but anyone who lives in a home short of space can make the most of the concept. Just remember that the size of your home has nothing to do with how good it is; it’s what you do with the space that matters. Here are a few tips on how make yours feel like a regular size house.


Storage Solutions

Most people can live with just having one comfortable chair in their living area; the real struggle happens when it comes to storing your belongings. The good news is that having a smaller home doesn’t mean you have to stop buying things you’d like. It just means you have to get more creative when it comes to storing the stuff. You’re trying to cram a bunch of stuff into not much space, so everywhere where there can be storage, there should be storage. You can fit storage space into just about everywhere, from under the stairs to under your bed to under your’re beginning to get the picture, under things, basically.

The Staples
Just because you have small rooms in your house, it doesn’t mean that everything has to be a hyper modern and ingeniously crafted solely for small house dwellers. Take heating, for example. Column radiators are great for smaller bathrooms as you can get them in a shape that suits your house the best. If you’ve got next to no width in a room, then it doesn’t matter, because you can get a long and thin radiator instead. It’s all about making everything a big house would have work in a smaller space. If you were building your own home, for instance, then you’d still have stairs - they’d just have a width that’s ⅔’s the size of regular stairs.

Don't Be Afraid of Big Furniture
It might sound counterintuitive, but it can actually be better to have big furniture in a small room than small furniture. This is especially true in small bedrooms. If you’re trying to fit everything into a small space, such as wardrobes, a bed, a table, and the rest, then the room will look small. Conversely, a four poster bed in a bright and airy room will make it look much bigger!

Catching the Eye
On top of everything else, you can also trick yourself (and others) into thinking a room is much bigger by incorporating a few little tricks. Start with mirrors. Mirrors will be your small home’s friend, because when they’re placed correctly they really make a space look bigger. Next is windows: nothing like a long view and sunshine to let the space in! If that doesn’t work, then distracting your eyes - and your guest’s - with a shocking piece of art really will take your eyes away from the size of the room!

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