Thanks to My Teenager, I Discovered

I recently had my long overdue bondate with my teenager and we caught up on a lot of things happening in her life including my most dreaded subject: boys. She confessed there was a boy (her classmate) who recently told her he liked her ever since Secondary 1 (she is now in Sec 3).

Thankfully, K is currently uninterested in any of her classmates or any other boy for that matter (breathing a sigh of relief as I am typing that sentence). She does have a crush but I convinced her to just let it remain as it is. Mommy's rule #1: NO BOYFRIEND as of this press time and as long as this worried mama can delay the stage of having one.

Having divulged that, we moved on to another topic which is her current interests and things she enjoys doing. She narrated to me with so much fondness that she is into arts and calligraphy. I saw the corner of her eyes sparkle as she told me she found this article at and asked me if she could join one of the workshops mentioned in the article. Being the supportive mom that I am, I promised her I will match her savings (if she saves $50, I will add another $50) so she could buy a calligraphy set and attend a workshop she thinks is suitable for a newbie like her.

In the meantime, we bought a cheap calligraphy pen in a two-dollar store for her to practice at home and for me to see if she is really passionate about her new found interest.

As of this writing, I have to say she in really keen on pursuing the hobby so I rest my case. I will get her to attend one of the calligraphy workshops soon.

Next on our topic is food. Without a doubt, my teenager is a certified epicurean just like her momME. It's no surprise that our bondates are mostly makan sessions. At times, my eyes sparkle just looking at her eat with so much gusto. K hasn't also outgrown her love for the Junior MasterChef reality TV show, which makes me happy because she is still very much a child at heart.

When we have no time to meet after school (for her) and after work (for me), we spend weekend mornings making pancakes and baking brownies and muffins together whilst her little brother catches up on sleep. Unfortunately, our built-in oven which was passed on by our flat's previous owner broke down and we have to always make do with our not-so-reliable gas-fired oven.

Alternatively, we look for no-bake recipes in the internet like this one, which K also found at

They say, we learn more from our kids much more than they learn from us. I have to agree with that. At her young age, K has taught me so many valuable lessons in life apart from letting me discover new websites to browse and teaching me teenager language like IDK, IKR, triggered (go figure, LOL) and a whole lot more. She reminds me to stay optimistic and cheerful no matter how tough life turns out to be at times. She also taught me how to have a forgiving heart. I love my teenager to the moon and back!

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