The Most Popular Hairstyles in South East Asia

It’s that time of the year again, with 2017 now well underway, things may be going great but you might feel like you need a change in life, perhaps you feel a little jaded, maybe something is missing...

If you feel like re-inventing yourself, there is no need to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, or home improvements, and if you’re happy in your job then by all means stay with it. There is a much quicker, simpler and cost effective way of rediscovering contentment and inner confidence...Change your hairstyle. Southeast Asian hairstyles are in vogue right now, and you can choose the right one by going through the many styles given below:
See-through bangs

Seen on so many South-East Asian celebrities and with one very good reason; it’s a low maintenance and really stunning look that can transform you effortlessly, if you already have lovely long hair, it’s an easy style to pull off. With thin and wispy bangs partly covering the forehead, softening your looks and creating a wonderful combination of innocence and Bond-girl style that will make you feel amazing.
The sleek and chic Bob
If you’re really feeling like a change (and feeling a little brave,) then why not go for it. An eye-skimming Bob style can be a beautiful, stunning way to frame your features and feel energised, fun and full of life. A little maintenance is needed with this shorter, choppier look, and you’ll really need to keep an eye on the length of your bangs. A good anti-frizz product will keep your style smooth, glossy and chic, rest assured, the maintenance will be well worth it.
Straight, to the point

If you struggle at times, to control your lovely long locks, going for a straight style can make all the difference to how you feel. Straightened hair with long layers looks gorgeous, with surprisingly little fuss, and is easily maintained by simply using a thickening spray before drying your hair to create volume, and a good fortifying spray to prevent those loose ends. By letting your parting happen naturally and tucking your hair behind your ears, the end result will be an easy-going casual look that is indescribably pretty.
Shaggy layers

If you have straight hair, and want something exciting, with real impact, stand out from the crowd with a smouldering and sexy tousled style, easily maintained by rough blow drying your bangs and leaving the rest to air dry, with a little surf spray scrunched in for volume. If you want more volume, simply wrap large handfuls around a curling iron, twisting some portions forwards and some backwards for the ultimate, messy effect, finishing your perfectly shaggy, layered look with a little shine cream on the ends.

Any time is a good time for reinvention, and with a little inspiration added in, that couldn’t be easier. A fresh, new hairstyle can do just that, invigorating and inspiring you to be the person you want to be. Making you feel happier, more confident and ready to take on the rest of 2017 with a smile.

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